Learning moderation is (almost) harder than dieting!

By Lisa Spodak ResultsNotTypical@worldnow.com
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Week 90 Weigh In:

Change this week:  -4.5 lbs
Change overall:  -92.5

This week was a very good week.

I managed to chill out a little, enjoyed a holiday, indulged – and still lost most of what I gained last week.

I thought it might be helpful to go back over the goals I set last week and talk about how I did, or didn’t, achieve them and deal with them.

Choose one night when I’ll have one, and only one, alcoholic drink.

On Thursday night, I had dinner at a friend’s house and decided to have a glass of wine.  Since I wasn’t out in a bar and was having a nice dinner, I knew it would be easy to stop at just one.  I actually ended up only drinking about half of it! 

Then I drank again on Halloween.  Between brunch and going out all night, I had about three drinks, which felt good and moderate.  I indulged a bit but didn’t go overboard.  And because there hadn’t been a big build up to the night, and I didn’t feel like I’d been depriving myself, I didn’t feel like I had to “make the most of it” either, so I just stopped when I felt like stopping.

I’ll choose one day to eat what I want without tracking Weight Watchers Points.

I set out to accomplish this with the Thursday dinner mentioned above. My friend’s mother made brisket and sweet potatoes and there was cheesecake for dessert.  I definitely indulged, and didn’t count my Points.

Unfortunately, I did it again on Saturday (Halloween).  At brunch, I had extra bacon, which I didn’t count.  And throughout the night, there was candy and pizza to eat.

Fortunately, I stopped Sunday.  I ate really well on Sunday and Monday and had another great day Tuesday, including convincing a friend who was over for dinner to cook with me so we wouldn’t order in something less healthy!

I will exercise five times, but two of those times can only be for 15 minutes and can’t be at the gym.

I had mixed results with this one.  I went to the gym to work out with my trainer on Wednesday and went to a group class on Saturday morning.  I had good intentions of going to the gym Sunday, but overslept after being out late for Halloween.  I also had plans to go to the gym Tuesday with my friend, but when she forgot her gym bag, instead of sticking to the plan and going by myself, I met her for dinner and watched TV.

I did exercise with a walk on Friday morning.  I planned it to be only 15 minutes, but got a little lost and ended up going for 40!  I also took advantage of a gorgeous night on Sunday and walked six miles home from a friend’s apartment.

So I didn’t exercise quite as much as I had planned, but I was happy with my forays into “real life” exercise outside of heading to the gym.

I was really pleased with my week.  I felt like I made some good compromises and wasn’t too hard on myself for “bad” behavior.  I also got back on track after having indulged a lot more quickly than in the past.

I’m going to try out the same goals again this week!