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Switching things up to get weight loss back on track

By Lisa Spodak ResultsNotTypical@worldnow.com
Provided by WorldNow

Week 5 Weigh In: 

Starting weight: 209
Last week:  210
This week:  206/5

Change:  -3.5
Overall change:  -2.5

I had a great week! And as excited as I am about losing 3.5 pounds (bringing me back to the lowest weight I’ve been at since November 18th), I’m even more excited that I felt really in control this week – more than I have in a long time. 

I cooked food, I prepared food for snacks, I took apples to a movie. 

Of course, it was relatively easy since it was a very quiet week at work and I had two days off, so the challenge will be to continue this behavior when everything speeds back up again after New Year’s.

I’m very pleased with my switch to eDiets.com as a main meal plan and tracker.  I’m still getting used to the site and there are some ways in which it’s a little clunkier to use than the Weight Watchers site, but I really like focusing on more nutrients than I did with the Weight Watchers Points system.

It’s also felt a little “freeing” to be looking beyond the Points.  When I was tracking Points, I was so intent on getting the lowest Points value whenever possible that I was very focused solely on calories, fat and fiber and found myself eating a lot of low-fat foods with fiber added to them to keep my Points in check.

Now that I’m tracking all the nutrients separately, I’m finding that I’m a little more willing to eat higher fat foods (which often have fewer additives/chemicals), for example, because they are balanced out by other foods in my diet and I can keep my eye on the big picture.

Last week’s goals:

1)    Get back to tracking all my food – good and bad.

2)    Really plan ahead for *next* week’s meal plan – including grocery shopping with the printable list before the start of the week (my weeks always start on Wednesday).

3)    I have six exercise classes written into my date book for the next week – I want to attend at least four of them.

4)    Be better about my water intake – at least 64 ounces a day (not including soda)

5)    Get rid of all the “trigger” foods in my apartment – and *not* by eating them!

How did I do:

1)     Except for Christmas Day, I was very diligent about tracking all my food – even on the day when I managed to rack up 76 grams of fat and would have rather forgotten about it!

2)    Unfortunately, the way the eDiets site works, you can’t really plan ahead.  My “check-in” is on a certain day and my new meal plan is generated after the check-in, so I’m kind of stuck with getting the meal plan on the first day of my new week.  I figured out a system, though – I have the same breakfast every day anyway, so that doesn’t require special planning; and I’ll just plan Wednesday lunches as an eating out/ordering in day and plan on shopping Wednesday night.

3)    Success! I went to a Step class on Thursday, a Rebounding (cardio on a mini-trampoline) class on Saturday, a Pump (sculpting) class on Sunday and a Rebounding class on Tuesday.

4)    I didn’t track my water as well as I should have – I’m going to carry that over as a goal for this week.

5)    I decided that I don’t truly have trigger foods.  When I’m focused and doing well (like this week), I can resist just about anything and when I’m having trouble, anything can turn into a trigger food.  So the issue isn’t really keeping specific foods out of my apartment, but figuring out what helps me stay in control.

This week’s goals:

1)    I like the goal of four group fitness classes a week, so I’m keeping that one

2)    Also carrying over getting a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day

3)    My one unplanned “bad” day last week (Christmas day was planned!) was when I went to a movie double-header with a friend.  I was very good for one movie, eating my apples and grape tomatoes, but when we decided on a second movie I indulged in lots of popcorn and a box of Junior Mints.  We’re going to two movies again this week and I want to make better choices.

4)    I’m going to two parties on New Year’s Eve and I need to decide ahead of time how I’m going to deal with them – and stick to what I decide!

5)    I’ve been spending a lot of money on groceries lately, some of which is great and healthy and justified and some of which is just a waste (i.e., buying new food when I have plenty of alternatives at home).  This week I want to spend less than $100 on food (this would be including work lunches, but not “special” meals out).


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