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Crime Files – Joseph Comstock


Cops say 21-year old Joseph Comstock is a dangerous guy.

They say back in June he wanted to get back with his ex girlfriend and called her for a ride.

“He called her up and said he was stuck on Boston Road, she felt bad and gave him a ride home,” said Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney .

When she pulled up to his house on Montogmery Street in Indian Orchard he took the keys out of the ignition, took her cell phone and walked into the house, telling her she had to come in to get it back,” added Delaney.

“She walked into the house, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her across the living room, took a broken leg form the dinning room table and beat her with it pretty bad. He terrorized the poor girl for hours,” explained Delaney.

He wouldn’t let her leave, she eventually tried to calm him down.

“Thinking quick on her feet, she pretended things were ok. She said lets go for a ride to the beach, he said ok. They went to a beach out of state, they came back in the early morening like 2 am. He was tired, as the morning got closer, she said I have to go to work to my babysitting job. He let her go, she didn’t go to work, she went to the police department,” said Delaney.

Cops have been looking for Comstock ever since.

He’s got ties to Chicopee and Holyoke, so keep your eye’s out, where ever you are

In the Pioneer Valley in case you cross paths with this wanted criminal, your tip could put him behind bars.

  • EV

    no way

  • Pancho

    knowing this kid ! He may have went south to Florida as his mother and father live out there, Hopefully the find him soon and teach him a lesson see if he’ll touch another girl after this. . so sad to read