Trick or Treaters at Holyoke Mall


 The Holyoke Mall already had a scheduled event for the trick or treaters in western Mass.  Now that many towns have discouraged going around in neighborhoods, the Holyoke Mall is packed with princesses, ladybugs, witches, and super heroes.

Watch abc40 at 11PM tonight to see just how much the Holyoke Mall became the place to be this Halloween night!

  • amanda

    Don’t ever shop at express….pay $60 for a tshirt yet they have a sign that says we r not participatin in trick or treatin…really??…way to think of the kids who r out this halloween..maybe its cuz they don’t have enuff money lmao!

  • Randy

    I won’t. That’s messed up. Thanks for forwarding. I’m sending this link to friends. ‘F’ express. Over-priced Chinese imported crap.