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Brawl Breaks Out at State Soccer Semi-Final at Westfield State

Above: Raw video of the brawl

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — A large fight broke out at the state semi-final between the Ludlow and Worcester North high school boys soccer teams at Westfield State University Tuesday night.

Not only were players involved, but fans and parents too.

Boys from both teams were apparently playing rough the entire game, until it all eventually escalated.

Westfield police responded to break up the brawl and refs had to call the game with a little under two minutes left.  Ludlow won the game, 1-0, after officials called the game with under 2 minutes remaining.

abc40/Fox6 was the only station to capture it all on camera.

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  • jaydee

    Who won the game?

  • guy

    no kidding. i guess they are so excited about the fight they forgot

  • gal

    Ludlow won 1-0.

  • John Smith

    Sore Losers.

  • ludlow

    ludlow is beast enough said

  • george P. Willingham III

    who cares about who won the game, who won the fight

  • george P. Willingham III

    who cares about who won the game, who won the fight!

  • al

    You may not have caught how the fight started but a Worcester player received a red card, and after much arguing by the Worcester players, the reff. called the game. As Ludlow players ran to their fans to celebrate their victory, Worcester players began to fight with the Ludlow goalkeeper.

  • hi

    Forgot to add the part about Worcesters “fans” running onto the field pulling out knives and then throwing rocks at the cars of Ludlow fans as they drove away celebrating. I can honnestly say I was not only disgusted by Worcester’s classless, animal-like behavior but also terrified for my life due to Worcester fans making threats and discussing aloud how they would “knock out” any Ludlow fan, player, parent, or anyone else that looked at them.

  • by the way

    The Worcester team wasn’t used to losing and Ludlow shut them down which clearly aggrivated them

  • Dillon

    Ludlow goes hard Worcester got a wake up call

  • stacey

    They didn’t only have knives, a ludlow defender, Tyler Quiterio, was maced by one of their fans

  • bill

    Ludlow plays a physical game, but within the rules of soccer. What they don’t show is the referee getting jumped and punched by Worchester players and their fans. That was a disgusting thing to have happen. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Wmass

    All of you missed the game probably. About 10 ludlow players brutally kicked and beat one player on the ground after zucco blatently kick another player in the chest. The real soccer fans saw this, and both teams should be ashamed of this disgusting display. It wasnt even a real game and neither team deserved to come out winning although we should most likely see suspensions from these actions.

  • @ wmass

    All of the Ludlow players were running off the field celebrating when the fight was started with Nick Zucco, who was alone. You clearly were not in attendance at this game?

  • Wmass

    Me and a couple parents watched as another worcester player was on the ground with tears after the game. Thats the problem, everyone looks at the other team and Asumes everything. Ludlow showed little class celebrating a game where they were easily outmatched and outplayed but soccer is a game where on any day things could go your way. But they took it too far afterwards and their fan was the only to be arrested. Simply unacceptable for a highschool sport or any sport at all.

  • Worcster

    Atleast it was in Springfield we prob woulda got shot

  • Wmasssssssssss

    I really dont see where you guys are coming from. Ludlow obviously showed class. The fact that everytime mello or tomas had the ball number 20 would be pushing and shoving, acting like he got hurt shows that they try to win by fight. At the end, it was a jungle. They hopped on the field first, zucco, mello, and santos were knockin kids out to defend themselves not just fiighting. Now walking back to the car was a different story. I was driving home with my friend, and some worcester kid runs across the street and kicks our car and they start throwing tree branches at it. Now tell me how ludlow didnt show class? They did. Worcester didnt.

  • Proud Parent

    You should watch the video clip again….there are no Ludlow fans on that field. Ludlow fans were busy celebrating with their team in front of the bench when a group of Worcester players took down our goalie and a couple of players guarding him. I have my own video from the top of the bleachers and Ludlow should be proud of a well played game. Worcester and their fans should be ashamed. Really, who brings a knife or mace to a soccer game anyway?? My son is a player and afraid for his life….when has that ever happened at a soccer game in Massachusetts?

  • Ludlow Fan

    Ludlow is a power house and an easy target for criticism. We’ve lost plenty of games in the past….how about our loss to Catholic in the finals. Did we start a fight, NO! Did we pull out knives, NO! We had 5 times as many fans last night and not one rushed the field…get the story straight!!!!!!

  • too good

    Ludlow is just way too good…..5 western mass titles in a row 3 state finals apperances in 4 years? People are just so sick of hearing ludlow winning everything they have to talk smack

  • @ senior

    you sound stupid….not only did you lose the game but you lost the fight…thats two losses in one night…thats kinda tough to take…i hope you enjoyed your car ride home…clearly you guys started the whole thing…you guys were losing didnt know how to take it…you started hacking at our players and talkin smack….one of your players tried to cheap shot a ludlow player so he got what was coming to him…see you at the finals….oh wait….you wont be there

  • mike

    although i go to ludlow even i know that north won, i agree with you jack, our team started everything. I wish my school could have one cleanly honestley, the ref did take norths opportunity away. the game should be reviewed and there should be a rematch.

  • andy

    I personally think all you “seniors” from Worcester North would have more compelling arguments if you actually spelled everything right. Clearly this team can’t take losing. When Ludlow loses games (it doesn’t happen often, but occasionally) we didn’t start fights at the end of the game out of jealousy and stupidity. You lost. Get over it. And leave Ludlow AND THEIR FANS alone.

  • Frank

    That’s disgusting. Tradition filthy ludlow soccer and Worcester soccer at its finest. Both teams represent what’s wrong with local soccer. If the mass sOccer association has any sense of mind they end the season for both teams now. Don’t let this trend continue, dont get me wrong soccer is a physical sport but there’s line that’s been crossed a few to many times in recent years. Both teams took part in the fight, no one can justly say they were or were not involved. Suspend them all

  • any

    Please, Worcestor’s just mad they actually played a team that they can’t beat. Now you’re going to come up with all of this bull to defend your immature, stupid and childish way of dealing with a loss. You guys lost 1-0. New Bedford lost 4-1 last year and they didn’t start a fight and mace a Ludlow player. Get over yourself

  • Katy

    Liesss both teams did not deserve to win due to the fight there should have been a rematch

  • andy

    funny i don’t see any ludlow residents asking for a rematch and they got harassed, beat up and maced

  • andy

    we’ll see on friday

  • concerned

    Hey Benito, Do you even realize you statement made no sense?



  • Brady
  • Alex Brady

    (To add to my earlier comment)
    And their fans.

  • Dave

    Did anyone realize the video is only seconds long? Did not show everything in game that was leading up to what occurred. Also the video shows the ref calling the game then Ludlow celebrating. When it pans back over to the goal area a Ludlow player is rolling on the ground and doesn’t show the North player knocking him down. This video is a small snipet of what happened and can’t make a case for what happened and who started the fight after the game was called.

  • D

    Ludlow is just upset that north sells more cocaine then them. It’s ok Ludlow we all know you’re in a bubble and that’s all you know. One day when you boys step out into the real world and get out of your mommy’s womb you will know what it takes to be a man.

  • concerned

    Dave..were you at the game? which side were you rooting for?

  • Mark

    It’s funny how North High’s record is better than Ludlow’s. North High is 19-1 & Ludlow’s 17-2. There was no mace sprayed at the game, and no one was stabbed! Ludlow, get over yourselves.

  • Kyle

    This game was not played fair!

  • @joe garvey,

    woah, clam down i can spell. Im an idot? well. watch the video again no where in it does it state that north started the fight. Im not a future convict, ive got a promising future like most of the kids that attend north high. Im not a joke and nor an idiot. our teams can clearly take a loss have you not seen our other teams that lost? Youre an idiot, i could say so many other things to you. but ive got classsssssssss.(;

  • http://www.google.com Phil McCracken

    This brawl is not surprising. Ludlow knew they were in a dogfight…and used their mouths to win the game. They got exactly what they wanted, Worcester got pissed and retaliated. Worcester gave up a cheap goal, felt they outplayed them, and got frustrated and lost their tempers. Ludlow players have done this since the beginning of time. they run their mouths all game long, usually win the game by alot, and nothing happens. However when a team threatens their skill level and shows that they can play with them, Ludlow mouths become bigger, start calling players names, and the other team gets pissed. Do you blame the Worcester players for getting mad? Look at the Portugese World Cup teams, they are the same way. Dirty play, big mouths. And whiners. None of this surprises me, and I hope masco whips Ludlow Friday night. GO MASCO!!!

  • kyle

    @Phil I’m glad someone knows what Ludlow is all about. & To “Cona” you sound retarded. I was at the game & NO ONE touched a car… especially with tree branches!

  • Richard

    Ludlow players are a bunch of momma boys. They start the fight, then blame it on Worcester.

  • josh

    & by the way, if there was “Worcester people” pulling out knives, macing people, & beating up cars, don’t you think they would’ve gotten arrested, since all those racist cops were there? Okay then.

  • melissa cornacchioli

    I was not present at last night’s game but from what I have heard, watched and read I am outraged at how some people talk. It is clear to me that 1. the fight broke out before the game was called, so much for North being poor losers and thats why they fought. 2. what I saw in the video was a North player being kicked in the face by the opposing teams goalie, not a Ludlow player being attacked. 3. you need a license to carry mace, so if a fan maced a Ludlow player wouldn’t there have been an arrest? 4. city kids will always be considered thugs and punks even if they are great kids. The Worcester North Boys Soccer team is a group of classy young men and just because they are black does not give anyone the right to refere to them as, “n”s, monkeys, or the number of other classless things I haev read today

  • joegarvey

    @ senior, ok you’re an idiot first off along with everyone else who says ludlow started the fight, watch the video clearly number 22 punched a Ludlow Star which set it off. So if your definition of classy is starting fights, bringing knives to a game, and threatening ludlow fans then i dont have class.

  • thecrackattack

    this is all so ridiculous. you can’t say ludlow running their mouths won the game because if you’ve ever actually played sports in your life you would know that it happens all game every game. Shut up with the excuses. It was a tight game and ludlow came out ontop. the video is not an indication because if you were at the game you would see that the ludlow goalie kicking the worcester player was a mere retaliation to being shoved to the ground. absolutely no class by the worcester side and thats probably because they aren’t used to being in that kind of game. check yourself. you just don’t f@ck with the 413. nuff said

  • Soccer Fan1

    The game was real physical and chippy. Refs were awful. The Ludlow goal should have been disallowed due to a handball. On the same play the goalie for North got hit. In retaliation, North players ran into Ludlow goalie. Next time, Ludlow goalie defended himself, which he has every right to. The 3rd time, the North player took out the goalie (which you can see in video) and the goalie kicked the North player. At this time, the players were pushing and shoving. Red card was given and that player exploded and wanted a piece of the ref. At the same time, a Ludlow player was on the ground hurt and a North player tried to pick him up (not sure what motive was) This escalated the pushing. When ref blew whistle to end game, a North player sucker punched a Ludlow player and that is how the fight started. I was there as a soccer fan and that is what I saw.

  • D

    Please do not associate the punk Ludlow kids with the Portuguese national team. These kids are a disgrace to the Portuguese culture. Also they act like wannabe thugs selling drugs and carrying knives as well. To me that is worse than actually being from the ghetto and not knowing any better. You Ludlow people like to think you’re better than everyone when in fact you’re all a bunch of instigating children. Grow up.

  • Soccer Fan1

    Here are some other thoughts on the game. North was faster, stronger and more physical. They took Ludlow out of their finesse style of play early in the game. The ref let this game get away from him in the first 10 minutes. As I said, North was very physical, but not dirty early on, and fouls should have been called . When fouls weren’t called, Ludlow adjusted its style of play to be more physical. That is when the chippy play really started on both sides. The ref was awful. Besides letting the game get out of hand and missing the handball on the goal, he has to understand the advantage rule. You cannot let a play continue due to a team having the advantage and then blow the whistle and call the foul. It is one or the other. The linesman on the non-player side of the field was awful. There was one play when he had the flag up because the ball went out of bounds, the ref looked at him, the players continued playing, and they let the play go. It resulted in a North corner kick. Just a disgrace to high school soccer to let bozos like that officiate a game.

  • erik

    Alot of smack from a bunch of losers. 1- The refs let WN beat the snot out of the Ludlow players all night without any calls until late in the game. 2- if WN had anyone who could put the ball in the net this whole discussion would be moot as they had their chances but opted for the FG’s as opposed to the back of the net 3- While wrong you cant blame the Ludlow goalie for going after the WN player at the end of the game as it was the 3rd time he got run into after making a save, with the last hit being while he was in the air. As far as all the threats on here from WN grow up and get a life. You had your chances and most if not all of the calls you lost now move on. Ludlow stood up to a bully and the bully, their fans etc didnt like it. Too bad.

  • thecrackattack

    how on earth do you want a handball call on the goal? did you not see the defender clearly shove mccarthy straight to the ground? clearly not knowledgeable about the sport if you think the goal should be disallowed. you can’t go back now so there is no need for excuses from the worcester side. have some freakin class!

  • wmass

    Worcester is the scummiest city in all of MA…. Fans should not be getting involved in what happens on the field. The Worcester teams needs to be suspended from post-season play for a season due to that awful display of sportsmanship. The coaches and players should be ashamed.

  • Benito

    The Worcester athletic director needs to get a grip on his teams. North may need a background check on all players as none of them are of the correct age! Your telling me that #9 is 15 years old! C’mon who are you tryin to kid, in my eyes that’s cheating. And for south high school they shouldn’t have made the playoff because they received way to many yellow and red cards, but who cares right. What did they do in the first game of the playoffs, three yellow cards and one kid got thrown out of the game! Good job MIAA for letting them play, it’s unsafe for that team to be on the field, and the coaches are no disciplining their players which is sickening!!

  • http://None concernedgrandma

    I am the grandmother of a jv ludlow player and I witnessed a ludlow player being stabbed by a north worcester fan! I hope he’s ok for this friday!!!

  • mark

    if anyone was honestly at the game, they would clearly know how all of this erupted. its not even debatable that worcester started this haha. it all started when north got pissed that they were losing with two minutes left, and a classless north player unnecessarily took town zucco after he clearly made the save. that is the only reason why he made a kicking motion, to ensure this kid didnt continue his attack. red cards started getting issued after arguing and shoving by the north players, then once the game was called, they threw punches at ludlow players like dylan perreira and greg santos. zucco santos and pereira had to defend themselves, meanwhile norths fans started storming the field. mello was punched in the face by some 50 year old fat grown man whom was arrested afterward..what more arguments do you need to establish who was the classless side here? north kids hit the ref! say no more, they started it and retaliated, it was embarrassing for them. its hard not to bring race into it when they bring it upon themselves, ludlow has never had a problem with teams like algonquin and st johns in the past. so why worcester, why do you have to be like that. causing all these problems. unbelieveable seriously

  • Ludlow

    The Ludlow boys are still better looking…

  • kyle

    If you guys actually knew what you’re talking about, you’d know that the only person arrested was a LUDLOW PLAYERS FATHER. So honestly, what does that say? Enough said.

  • concerned

    They director and refs have already agreed that North and their fans have started this. The red cards given to Ludlow were removed and the boys are free to play. So I guess you North fans can give it up and stop lying….the video says it all and is on you tube for all to see.

  • http://twitter.com lu

    watch friday

  • UrKiddingmeright

    Ludlow won but they by far weren’t innocent in this fray…..

  • Ludlow

    Neither team is innocent, as both sides threw punches. However, Worcestor clearly started this fiasco so any sort of injuries they received were asked for. Don’t throw a punch and expect not to be hit back. Just shows how class-less that area is for their fans, Grown Men, to come after high school boys. Congrats on the HARD FOUGHT victory Ludlow

  • Player.

    I played for ludlow in this game. I can assure you there was no racism or racial slurs used in this game. Yes, it was a physical game, but that’s the sport. However, just because Worcestor lost does not give them the right to accuse us of racism. Please if you are going to trash our team & town, tell the truth, and know the facts.

  • Ludlow.ate.morer

    We all know worcester started this. Legit after the game they were throwing tree branches at cars, cona and merda i love your responses. Worcesters just so jealous. And for the people that werent there? Dont start saying stuff just because you heard something. All i gotta say is VIVA LUDLOW!!!!

  • soccerfan

    okay first of all yes the ludlow goalie might have slightly kicked up as he was already laying on the ground in a defensiveless position. Anyone who knows anything about soccer knows not to get that close to a goalie making a save. because they are likely to get a knee foot or fist thrown at them. You are not supposed to rush the goalie like that, true you cannot always stop yourself when you have a lot of motion completely so call that a wash out. The fact is worcester showed no class in then going after the other team who was heading to their own bench to celebrate with their team. Yes it was not the best win but any team who wins any match deserves to celebrate. The fact that it was not only the high school students causing the drama by worcester just shows how little class that team has in general.

  • Ludlowww

    Worcester north is pretty awful at soccer after what was seen yesterday…. pulling out knives, lol PATHETIC -> try actually learning to fight??

    You answered “racism” yourself when the worcester players pulled out knives.

    Nuff said? Kthxbai

  • Wmass

    At the end of the game ludlow showed the smallest amount of class possible. My own team would walk out with a win like THEY HAVE DONE IT BEFORE and proffessionally shake hands after the game. Ludlow will get railed by The eastern mass team and then they will taste their own medicine. I know what i saw and it was unacceptable and the MIAA should suspend players from both teams. Ludlow is not even close to the best team in WMASS. Amherst should have played a better game last night. Ludlow couldnt even catch up to the pace AND skill level of worcester.

  • Soccerrr

    I’m very surprised no Ludlow players received suspensions. I have played against most of the starters on the varsity team, and I know how brutal and demoralizing they can be to the other team. Worcester acted even worse with starting the brawl, and shouldn’t have let emotions get in the way. However, that does not make Ludlow a bunch of angels. Suspensions should be made to both teams, and not just Worcester. Just because Ludlow is in the state finals does not mean they should be above the laws of FIFA. Give suspensions to those players who deserve them… Cough Zucco.

  • matt

    Both teams here are at fault. The Ludlow player should not have kicked towards the Worcester players faces. And the Worcester player should not have retaliated against the other player. You got a red card just walk away. There was no need for wither team to clear their benches and get involved. And people that are saying it was fixed Worcester should have won, blah blah blah, not the issue on hand right now. If you have a problem with the way the game was called take it up with the MIAA. And just a question here, what were the parents of Worcester player going to do when they ran on the field? There was no need to. What were you going to beat up some teenagers? Yea that’s real mature. I’m not just ragging on one team here; everyone that was involved in this “Brawl” needs to learn more self-control and how to conduct them selves better.

  • NorthSenior

    Knives? Are you serious? No one had knives therefore no one got stabbed. Where are these false statements coming from? What I see from this video is that a Ludlow goalie fell and a North player stumbled forward due to his momentum and then got kicked which caused some aggravation from both sides. The people who are at fault here are the officials who clearly did not know what they were doing. To think that some people have to make up ridiculous stories to try and downgrade another team, school and city is just disgraceful. The only person that got maced and arrested was a Ludlow father that got out of control. I’m not saying that the city or Worcester nor North High School is filled with a bunch of angels because no school, and no one is perfect. However, pointing fingers, trying to put the blame on others, and make it seem like you did nothing wrong does NOT show class. It shows immaturity. Due to the ignorance of the refs. some players got frustrated which led to ill feelings and unnecessary roughness, but in no way, shape, or form were the Worcester fans, or team only at fault. Treat others the way you want to be treated, or accept the consequences.

  • naki

    you guys are calling worcester player ””N”” Ludlow you guys r coming to are home well see what going to happen

  • cate

    Their should be a rematch with no interruptions such as running your mouths fans fighting ex. Both teams are pieces of crap and are in the wrong this game was totally unfair if players&fans stopped trying to act like hard asses and act like normal human beings you would be able to see who won. Soccer is about skills and talents not blubbering&ignorance.

  • cate

    to add to my previous comment it just goes to show how people are raised like animals get a hold of your children and teach them respect! Same goes for the fans RESPECT you idiots!

  • http://facebook northstudent

    false statements thats all i see from the Ludlow kids….and to the ludlow proud parents ARE YOU STUPID?

  • erin

    To be taken seriously, speak proper English.
    To blame this on racism, is ignorant.
    To make threats to Ludlow players and fans, is immature.
    It comes down to the fact that this is a game, threats and violence have no place here.

  • haters gonna hate

    how are you gonna say ludlow isnt the best in western mass and will get smashed by a eastern mass team…..WE WON 5 STRAIGHT WESTERN MASS TITLES AND WERE DEFENDING STATE CHAMPS STOP HATING BECAUSE WE DONT GIVE ANYONE ELSE A CHANCE TO WIN…i understand if i played soccer for any team other then ludlow and i can never win because i lose to the same team every year i would be upset too…well get used to hearing ludlows name cause we got another state title coming our away…and 5 more western mass titles to win! VIVA LUDLOW….WE PLAY FUTEBOL NOT SOCCCER!

  • (;

    why should there be a rematch? because worcester started a fight because they were losing? because worcester lost there should be a rematch? you sound silly…stop crying…practice some more…maybe you’ll get us next year…( prob not though)

  • lolll

    get over it, ludlow won. people can’t control themselves obviously.

  • Wmass

    Do you guys not see who through the first punch or should I say kick? The ludlow goalie. if he didnt try to kick the id in the first place then none of this would have happened. That being said no one should have pulled out knives and messed up cars. So wrong on both sides. That also doesn’t excuse the parents for also starting fights here and on the field. Bad excuse for a parent if you gonna stoop down to that level. Stop writing things like my son played great those kids on worcester are bunch of ********, when clearly both sides expressed unsportsman like conduct…

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I am highly disappointed of what I saw from the sky above yesterday night.

  • Anonymous

    I will file a mother f***ing lawsuit on Worcester High if anything goes down again at the finals game. If absolutely anything happens, I will mandate all IP addressees to be taken from this site from all those who threatened to do something to the Ludlow fans this Friday. Be warned.

  • ALEX FRANCISCO continued

    The moral of my comment, which was cut off, is that the red card should have just been accepted by the player that received it because Worcester still had around two minutes left to try to score to tie up the game. It was stupid to start a fight because Worcester was a great team and they definitely had a good chance to get a goal in. I would be really pissed at the player who stared the fight if I played for Worcester. It was a great game to watch and shouldn’t have ended that way.

  • dead ass

    ytf he gon get red card for? first of all if keeper didnt hold his goddamn hand they all wont be on de floor besides keepr kicked him on de neck, yall didnt see tht. nxt tym north go harder than tht. make dem bleed ugh

  • kyle

    The mace that was being sprayed was by a policeman, who was spraying a Ludlow’s players father. His father was getting out of control, & acting a fool. So if this is how a PARENT was acting, I can only imagine how the players acted. The Ludlow players are definitely not innocent. And they aren’t even that great in soccer. It will all show on Friday’s game. See you there :D

  • reality

    NORTH HIGH SCHOOL DID NOT START THE FIGHT! The video clearly demonstrates the ludlow player kicking a North player in the face. The North player walks away, and what the camera does not catch because it moves to the other side is that the North player was being jumped by 4 other Ludlow players, which is why all the other players retaliated!

  • jack

    Haha John…. you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Lol, pathetic.

  • haha

    But I bet Ludlow boys would not survive one day in Worcester. Haha, grow some balls!

  • soneil

    Anyone who watches the video sees that zucco was punched in the stomach, he was defending himself by kicking his legs up like any normal goalie would.only the people there know how the game was and who started it .A parent resisted a police officer because he was looking for his daughter who was lost in the crowd and panicked like any GOOD parent would.And to anyone writing on here about starting stuff on friday at states, i can see youre still keeping it classy like you did last night.In the end, its just a game.On friday leave the knives and maze at home (dont damage peoples cars), and just go out and enjoy a good sporting event.its supposed to be fun.Congrats to LHS boys for another wmass title and good luck at states! to North, congratulations on an awesome season,i just wish you wouldve ended it differently.

  • kyle

    Most likely he got punched because he deserved it (:


    The parent was NOT looking for his daughter! Lol! You obviously weren’t there because I saw the entire thing go down!

  • soneil

    um yes i was there and i know the parent? grow up and get some class. its a game, get the hell over it.

  • Ivannah

    Its not even about the fight, its about north not getting respect back. If people werent so busy focusing on the norths players ethnicity, color, or etc. they would notice how it all started and who started it. Just because kids from north dont always come from the best neighborhoods or have the best parents, the most money doesnt mean we all dont have class. Norths a multicultured school with people from all over the world. People have to quit being so closed minded and think before they speak. No team deserves to win and there should be a rematch.

  • masmas

    if u were at the game then you saw about 4 ludlow players gang up on 1 north player and the ludlow keeper wasnt protecting him self him and another kid were just beating up one of norths players ludlow shouldnt even be allowed to play there next game!!!

  • soneil

    im not from north but im a girl too. so john? the scumbag so called “men” in this world that degrade women with stuff like that are ignorant and if i was your mother i would be ashamed to even consider you my son. you disgust me, little boy.

  • HeyNow

    These comments are incredibly racist and juvenile, these kids worked their buts off all season to get beaten by a HANDBALL. The calls were all against North and the kids don’t carry knives around. Perhaps those that raised the Ludlow players should’ve taught youre kids how to play the game- fairly.

  • Presunto.Faced

    im from North …. OF PORTUGAL

  • Wmass

    Wait what is ludlow graduation rate? Under 30%? While the average of wmass is about 80%? I remember at the beginning of the season ludlow players couldnt play because they were ARRESTED. Good kids. I played with one of the worcestor north kids. One of the nicest kids who loved the game and couldnt get enough of it. Id like to see ludlow play a prep school, they would get so frustrated theyd cry. So before you say worcester was fouling like crazy, ludlow was Matching them while the refs werent watching. The refs had this problem all year, not being able to control the games. I saw many situations that should have earned a card although worcester got three. and the ludlow parents feel like champs because their sons are going to grow up when they are 60.

  • kyle

    @HeyNow…. you took the words right out of my mouth (: Thanks.

  • Jones

    Here a real statistic. There are more blacks in jail than in school.

  • Jones
  • ludlow

    30% grad rate? I’m proud to say I’m a Ludlow student. I just received a high honors and 3.8 gpa for this term. Myself along with so many of my bright classmates will be headed to college next year.. Ludlow has so many smart students. Thank you :)

  • The big white boot caralho

    Alright, to the kid who just said the graduation rate is under 30%. Are you serious? Where do you get your facts. Probably just another hater who thinks ludlow sucks at everything except soccer. Get your facts straight. And second, I was manager on the freshman team last year, and im sure we beat eaglebrook. A PREP SCHOOL. And so did the freshman team this year. So before you go yappin about how ludlow is bad in school, get your facts straight. OH AND 5 PEATT THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OWWIE. Oh and yeah, refs werent watching, your right. Obviously they were watching, you really dont know anything, they’res three refs on the field just to call things, and im sure ludlow didnt save all the hits and pushes for when the refs arent looking. See you in worcester buddy,

  • The big white boot caralho

    Jones i love you

  • Mary

    Shame on Worcester. As a mother of two young boys, I fear that some day my children will not be able to do anything because their safest will be in risk due to these thugs. These players should be playing soccer. They should be a anti-violence program.

  • Katie

    I was in the stands as a spectator last night. I have to honestly say I was terribly disappointed in the calling of the game by the referees. Calls were missed many times. Two boys from Worcester were given yellow cards in the first half, then in the second half upon Zucco, the Ludlow goalie, catching the ball he blatantly kicked #7 from Worcester with no repercussion from the referees. After this occurred, the refs gave a RED card to Worcester for NO APPARENT reason. At this point a player from Worcester confronted the ref to inquire as to why he was red-carded, keep in mind that there was approximately two minutes left on the clock. When this occurred the ref called the game, CLEARLY before the official time was even up. At this point the fight occurred, not BEFORE the time was up. This is when two Ludlow students threw punches and you can even see in the video a Ludlow boy “attacking” a Worcester student who was just standing back (left of video by net). I am not sure if the referees were not qualified to ref this game or were biased against Worcester. However, after Zucco deliberately kicked #7 Worcester should have been given a penalty kick and this is where the Worcester boys were coming from. What fair is fair and this game was not fair. The one goal that Ludlow made is debatable to say the least. In the game of soccer once an opponent makes contact with the goalie the play is dead and the referee calls it as such; however, in last night’s game rules of soccer were not followed by the refs. What we all saw in the stands was a player from Ludlow making contact (running into) the Worcester goalie and therefore the play should be considered dead, instead, Ludlow was awarded a point.
    I am an educator and shocked to hear that the students who were involved in the fight will not receive any repercussions. What are we teaching our students by allowing this aggression? How, Ludlow, can you permit this behavior? Are you a school district that is only concerned with winning games rather than teaching your students proper behavior? The goalie as well as the other students who received red cards should not be permitted to play in the next two games, after all, this was a soccer game, and aren’t those the rules?

  • Ryan

    They do the wrong and then play innocent? HAHAHA only in American folks.

  • Wmass

    Why is it that all ludlow parents stay in ludlow? Yeah some want the culture but some just cant get out because they did not care about school. My class had a 95% rate. Ludlows is below poor. I bet the worcestor players actually want to do well in school because of where they had to grow up. My team beat ludlow twice in one week when i was a senior. And who ever said portugal is the best team in europe? The lost to GReece in euro 2004. They are like 20th in the world right now behind multiple european countries. And the refs dont get jealous, i have reffed before and i never felt that way before. Masconomet will easily put ludlow to tears on friday and i will drive up and gladly watch. Both teams were ugly after the game, and both fan bodies were as well. Its the semifinals, there was so much uneccesary celelbration, it looked like it was their first win ever. If any proffesional player/coach saw that, they would feel bad for those teams and looked at them in shame. Ludlow hasnt played the game we know as soccer.

  • Carlos

    If I may ask a question the any Worcester spectator at the game. Why did you rush the field? There was no need for that to happen. That is why they hire policemen and security staff. I only saw about five Ludlow fans run into the field to pull their sons out of that brawl. Was this a gang war or something? It was a regular soccer brawl. The Worcester fans just had to take it to the next level. Don’t your players know how to defend themselves? This could have been Ludlows fault but Worcester took it to a whole new level. I hope they are ban from next years season and the school is charged for the cars that were ruins during the exit (including my car).

  • alicia

    i am from ludlow and all i have to say is i have never been so upset with what im reading here. everyone and even people from ym school are acting immature and need to grow up.. this is a high school game were not at the olypics or something. To worcester north congratulations on a great season you are a great team and made it far and to the boys at my school congrats on your win. But all together im dissapointed of what im seeing here with both sides.. everyone its jsut a high school soccer game pleaz stopp!

  • alicia

    OMGGGGG ANOTHER STUPID COMMENT GROWWW UPP! AHH i really just cant get over how dumb people are acting im ashamed…

  • Neutral Fan

    I went to the game to see a good game. What I saw was both teams playing overly physical and terrible reffing. What I didn’t see we’re any knives. I agree in the statement that the fans should NOT have gone onto the field, that was immature. But I also saw the Ludlow goalie approaching the north player in the video, not merely defending himself. Both teams are at fault and the game should be nullified, both teams assessed, the refs assessed, and the mass title given to the eastern team. This was a disgrace to the game.

  • Tim

    all of you please tell me your joking?! through your racism and ignorance aside. the kid was trying to make a play on the ball and the goalie overreacted. did it deserve a red card? not in the least bit. did the game deserve to be called? not a chance. i cant wait for the referee to watch this video and feel ashamed as to how he cost a great team a trip to the state finals, no disrespect to ludlow as they played a fantastic game! if there were rocks being thrown, knives, and mace wouldn’t there have been arrests? its disgusting that people slandered these young men with these ridiculous accusations. The fight was started by ludlow, you can tell by the video. the kids from north in the video were WALKING AWAY from the fight. You should all feel ashamed

  • Wmass

    Immaturity, the parents set terrible examples for kids in our community. And @the big whit caralho or whatever. Your FRESHMAN team doesnt matter we are talking varsity. @smash you are clearly what is wrong with ludlow, people like you with all these threats. This was worse than when maradona went crazy during a brawl. If you dont want to respect the game, dont play it, simple as that. Ive never been carded, talked poorly to a ref, or retalliated during a game. The fans were very disrespective but did not have mace or knives, no one was stabbed, and the lies of people throwing stuff at cars were false. I know what i saw and am true to my word. And also all ludlow parents and fans and worcester fans and parents, stop with the threats, its not going to take you anywhere better and wont solve anything

  • kyle

    @Katie, thank you very much for your wise words (:

  • Boss

    let me ask you something where is the interviews for north players….oh i know the answer Propaganda!!!!!!! is what you are watching there is always two sides of the story

  • Jessica

    ludlow started it by kicking a north player in the face, and if you actually watch the players its ludlow running toward north players swinging at them.

  • @wmass


  • Wmass

    There was only one recorded arrest that night and it was a ludlow 50 year old man. I know my facts and im not a kid. And yes there is another sode of the story that people forget

  • lol

    @kyle … shut up. he has glasses so he saw more than you did, and SAW that there were a few kids from north that got arrested. I would arrest them too if i was a cop.

  • Dan

    It’s soccer guys… Soccer

  • Steve

    ludlow clearly started this, did anyone see the goalie kick the north forward? i was at this game and had a front row view. ludlow did not deserve to win this game

  • Carlos

    Omg! I am SICK of people saying that us Worcester fans took out knives and mace! Like, REALLY?!! First of all, if you “Ludlow” players and fans actually knew state laws, you would know one needs a LISCENCE to carry MACE!!! And for all you you pathetic excuse for humans writting nasty and inhumane comments relating to race, F**k off!!!! This is AMERICA where everyone is of overseas decent. For that “grandma” who saw her “grandson” get stabbed by us Worcester fans, you obviously need to be at home for the rest of your life for accusing people like that. Wouldn’t you think that if someone got stabbed the ambulence would get called and a case would be made? Incompetent bafoons. NO ONE HAD WEAPONS! End of story; period. The nasty people of Ludlow were chanting rascist slurs as we were going in our bus. How PATHETIC could these low-lives be? This game was rigged because the reff was obviously a fan of the other team, “Ludlow”. I don’t care, this game needs to be reviewed. Never mind, REPLAYED, and NO fans should be allowed to go. We wouldn’t wanna “stab” or “beat-up” any one… -______- fools!!

  • ohhboyss

    ludlow team=HOTTIESS!!

  • Worcester

    are you people stupid?? did no1 see the Ludlow goalie throw his cleats, studs up, at the Worcester players head?? thats where the fight started. it called protecting a team mate. the ref should have immediately given the Ludlow goalie a red for such a dumbass play. the ref called an unfair match against the north team that was apparent. he did anything he could to assure the win for the outmatched and outperformed Ludlow team and thats just sad and pathetic on its own. i’m most definitely against what the north players did but they definitely did not instigate the fight, the stupid ludlow players did. watch the replay you morons. it clearly shows the goalie attacking the North player. its the moment that started it all.

  • Stacy

    Worchester was just mad they lost and that their not at cute as those portuguese boys ;)

  • Korie

    Everyone here is stupid. The video only shows parts of what happened.

    Ludlow started it.
    Worchester took made it worse.


  • kyle

    @Carlos, I’m glad someone with brains knows that he’s talking about :)

  • john

    Thank you Steve!!

  • Tim

    @… your ignorant. i would highly advise the MIAA to change the location. things will get out of hand

  • Michelle

    @Tim I completely agree. I am not siding on any team, but the location should be changed. I really think that they’re going to go to the game.

  • Carlos

    LOVE! @Wartown.

  • Tim

    @michelle ya i have no affiliation with either ludlow or north, nor do i even know who ludlow is playing in the state finals haha but north has every right to be angry so you can best believe north supporters will show up

  • Michelle

    ^ tim*

  • wmassteach

    Stop bringing race into it everyone. You are making yourselves look ignorant. I am sure both schools have some great kids, but the Ludlow bashing on her is getting crazy. Why are people angry that they win so much. These boys have been playing together since they were 5…obviously they are skilled and can work great as a team. Players have been trash talking other players since the beginning of sports. The Ludlow players are called “pork chops” and white trash all the time. Do they fight about it? No, they play harder. The graduation rate is not 30%…..it is closer to 95%. Ludlow kids are complimented regularly for the polite behavior at school functions such as the prom and sporting events. They are not violent kids. They are not all rich surburban kids either. The fact that the final game is going to be marred by North kids seeking revenge is sickening. Some of the posts on here make Ludlow seem like the most racist town in America. It isn’t and these comments don’t represent everyone.

  • UmassAlum@

    @Wmassteach they sure didn’t show ANY of that at the game, that’s for sure.

  • chris

    @Wmassteach They are definitely racist! For example, why don’t you read James comment?

  • lol

    Ludlow has a graduation percentage of 89% ….one of our own just graduated with a full scholarship to harvard. Worcester may not be ghetto but this team definitely did not represent them well at all. I do agree that the tefs suck and the goal was debatable but that’s soccer for you

  • wmassteach

    To add to that….yes, some of the boys have made some bad choices, but they are not violent brawlers starting fights with kids they don’t know. They are not racist closed-minded kids with no moral compass. I am proud to be associated with Ludlow, but let’s leave race out of it. It doesn’t matter. Also to ALL the kids…..you can all make your point without using the f word. Congratulations on your win, boys, and don’t stoop to the level of the people who are threatening to fight one another over a lost soccer game. You have more class than that, and everyone knows it.

  • wmassteach

    There are racist people everywhere….blacks and white. Move on. It doesn’t mean everyone in the town is racist. Ludlow sends kids to Harvard as well. I am not saying North is stupid. I said that both schools have good kids.

  • josh

    They have already stooped down to that level. I don’t understand how you all are acting like Ludlow players are innocent. They definitely aren’t if they had “class” they would have never kicked our player in the face, & not have called us names. That is NO class either.

  • Michelle

    @Wmassteach I agree. There are bright kids in both schools, who are both athletic & kind. So let’s all just drop this?

  • Anonomyous

    I’m from Ludlow. I was at the game. I saw everything. Ludlow did start the fight, but Worcester did take it to a new level. I did not harm anyone nor did I insult or run onto the field during the brawl. I will be going to the final to support my home town in which I grew up in. I am sorry for the things my team may have said or done, but please don’t go around and hurt the innocent who didn’t have anything to do with this incident. I respect everyone no matter what race, color, ethnicity they may be and I am sure a lot of Ludlow kids think the same way. Once again I just want tell all those Worcester supports to please think about what you are going to do this Friday. Don’t let a silly soccer game effect your futures. Out of a group of bad kids there will always be ones who are good, just like there were on Worcesters side. I will agree that the ref was one sided but that is not our fault but the refs fault. But that’s how soccer is, one team has to win and it was Ludlow. It could have happened to any other team. God Bless you all.

  • Michelle

    ^Anonomyous… thank you so much for your kind words.

  • Unknown

    I grew up in Ludlow and always take pride in my hometown especially when it comes time for soccer season. Last night, when I heard the news that we were going to states I was excited to be able to go watch some family and friends try and win the title. However, after reading the comments on this page, I am disgusted with the attitudes and words of everyone involved. I would not doubt that the players on the Ludlow team made disrespectful comments, but regardless of what is said, soccer is about what you do with the ball NOT your fists. So I apologize to anyone from Worcester who was treated unfairly or felt offended by Ludlow players, but at this point, there is nothing that can be done. Take this opportunity to reflect on your season because it was clearly a great one and use it as a stepping stone to come back to this spot next season and push to win it next year. Although this game seems like the most important thing in your life right now, it isn’t and it isn’t worth giving your team, school, or town a bad reputation – and the same goes for Ludlow. Both teams had great seasons and played a great game, but both teams can’t win and after the fact, that must be accepted.

    Also, for all of you Ludlow (and non-Ludlow) fans associating the soccer team with Portugal/Portuguese people, just stop. Yes, we have a high population of Portuguese people in the town, but there are clearly plenty of players on the team who are not Portuguese and connecting the two are like associated the Worcester students with being “ghetto” just because of a stereotype. Please, grow up.

  • http://none Paul

    I think it is funny that everyone that is defending the Worcester team can’t spell and don’t use proper grammar. Goes to show how ignorant the city is.

  • kluc

    don’t let the minority define the majority, that’s all it comes to. obviously you can’t be responsible for everyones actions but you can’t let that affect the total view on everyone. Both teams played physical, the ref sucked, tension grew and worcester just finally had had it. simple as that. Both teams also said things that should of never been said, but hey that’s life. Ludlow won, they all ready ruled that worcester started the fight and that’s the end of it.

  • Nick

    As a person of Worcester it’s kind of appalling to me to see these comments going at the north kids. Even if they did start the fight you don’t have to discriminate towards them. And I heard Ludlow wasn’t being perfect little angels either. Throwing racial slurs is unacceptable. Its a sporting game. Show some class

  • http://FoxNews Anonymous

    As a player in Eastern Massachusetts, I have to say that this game was not officiated correctly. In a state match-up, the referees have to be consistent. From watching this game,I understand why my coach says that North is a talented team. Truly, they are more talented. Unfortunately, in soccer your talents don’t determine the outcome of the game–based on what I saw from this game, your race, reputation, and referee determine whether or not you win the game… I look forward to playing Ludlow.

  • this is hilarious

  • silly

    i dont get it this is so stupid….ludlow is playing on friday and worcester is not…end of story….tune in to friday to watch your DEFENDING STATE CHAMPS THE LUDLOW LIONS….not worcester lol

  • Anonymous

    @CharlieSheen, are you serious, child? Truly shows class there…

    To all you Worcester fans I think it would be better, and cause less problems, if you went to the Sutton game. I’d rather go to a soccer game to watch soccer than, to go to a game to start problems. Ludlow won, yes. Was it completely fair? Well, that’s a matter of opinion.

  • kyle

    Paul, I am from Worcester & I do know how to spell. So you’re comment was really uncalled for; grow up. & To eveyone else, the point that Worcester is trying to make is that Ludlow won UNFAIRLY. The ref was obviously one-sided, but in all honesty, North soccer boys don’t really care about who won; it is what it is. The part that they are really bothered about, which is why we are still here discussing this, is the fact that Ludlow offended us with racial slurrs. We’ve come a long way since racism… so to be called these things really does hurt. The North High scoccer team has really great kids; who are in the top 10 of the school & who are applying to Harvard. If anyone really thinks Worcester has “no class”, I beg to differ according to all of these racial comments still being said ^ Ludlow also lacks class.


    @joe, too bad they’re gonna lose :)

  • Real Talk

    As someone from western mass who has played against Ludlow I can vouch for them using racial slurs against our black players. I can also say that their team is very frustrating to play against, being both very skilled and huge divers. Either way I hope they win another state title for western mass

  • Anon.

    I grew up in Ludlow, and I have to say that I am disgusted by the rampant use of racial slurs and derogatory language on this site, regardless of whether or not it was used during this game. There is no excuse for speaking about others that way, and all using language like that does is make you, and our community by extension, look like a bunch of classless bigots. If you want to criticize Worcester’s actions, I support you because I think they played a dirty game and were pissed off that they were given a run for their money, however there is no need to bring that type of language into the situation, all it does is make you look like trash. Anyone can play a dirty game, black or white. I think that its unfortunate that the tremendous accomplishment of the Ludlow team is being overlooked in all of this. Ludlow has made it to the state finals four years in a row, which is an incredible achievement, as well as shutting out a team that hadn’t been shut out all season, another fantastic accomplishment. Instead of pointing fingers and using crass language, I think its time we congratulate the boys on their win and begin looking forward to another potential state title on Friday.

    On another note… for the love of God, learn how to use the English language.

  • soccermom

    and most of these people posting these blogs are not even from Ludlow or Worcester…they are just posers trying to elevate the tension.

  • soccermom

    there are people posting these blogs acting like they are from Ludlow just to get the heat up so Ludlow looks like they are terrible people and players. Allthis just so Worcester will come at them. Please stop this madness. These are fake blogs coming from people who don’t have a life and want to make Ludlow and Ludlow soccer look bad. I’ve seen this done on blogs before and they are not to be trusted.

  • garvey is gay

    Clearly number 22 from nukkatown throws the first punch at 27 shaun mello from Studlow who proceeds to run to his team to celebrate and then the nukkas chase and try to jump them. end of discussion.

  • Dorchester

    Where the hell is Ludlow…and Worcester seriously? Two towns in the armpit of Massachusetts. No one from Boston considers these two towns part of Massachusetts you should all branch off and become part of Canada.

  • ludlow fan :)

    your an idiot worcester started the fight!!! ludlow has been champs for years now get over yourselves!!

  • John Kerry

    Worcester….Just remember: In history books, nobody ever remembers who came in second. And your pursuit of a soccer championship will be no different. Asta la vista, baby!

  • soccermom

    as for the hand ball.. watch the video closely. the ludlow player was falling and hoping the ball would fall into the net with him. Why would ludlow try to knock the ball out? The Worcester North player hit it with his right hand to knock it out. the ludlow player jumped up asking for a hand ball….not knowing a goal was made. Watch closely and be honest with yourselfs.

  • http://www.whoiopie.com davebenedict

    worcester, gotta hand it to you guys, toughest players out their. ludlow HA all i gotta say

  • ludlow fan :)


  • catherine

    shut up joe..

  • Ludlow sucks at soccer?

    ” Is there a 17th state championship awaiting the Ludlow boys soccer team in November?

    Or can another Western Massachusetts team break the stranglehold the Lions have had on the sectional title for nearly two decades?

    The Lions are coming off their second Division I state championship in three years. They’ve won the last four Western Massachusetts titles, have been in the last eight finals and have won five of those. Since 1994 Ludlow has won 11 of the 17 sectional titles, only missing the title game three times over that span.

    The 2010 team, which needed penalty kicks to get by Longmeadow in the sectional semifinals and Amherst in the final, had 17 seniors. For any other program that would signify a rebuilding year or two.

    But Ludlow soccer is not like any other program.

    “We lost a lot again, but we’ve reloaded and the juniors and sophomores are ready for their turn,” Ludlow coach Greg Kolodziey said. “That’s the luxury in Ludlow.”

    More than 100 players tried out for the high school team last month and Kolodziey is reluctant to cut anyone.

    Last year he said there were 93 players on the varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams.”


    Oh wait, I thought you guys said the Eastern Mass. team would “spank” Ludlow? Why didn’t they last year in 2010? or 2008? Or the fourteen other times before that………….. ?

  • ^continued

    “Ludlow High School is well known for its sporting teams in soccer, cross country, track and field, and wrestling. The town’s most popular sport traditionally is soccer thanks to Ludlow’s large Portuguese-American population. The high school’s soccer team has won over 20 Massachusetts state championships, with the most recent one in 2010, when they beat the New Bedford High School Whalers 4-1 in the championship game. They were state runners-up in 2009. The high school and town’s tradition of soccer excellence earned it a spot in the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1996″


    Wait? We suck at soccer? Then how come you guys weren’t all inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame?

  • Portuguese & Proud

    Yes, Ludlow has a high population of Portuguese families, but the Ludlow High Soccer team is not a team of only Portuguese kids and in no way is a disgrace to the “Portuguese National Team.” Stop associating the two because all of you that talk about stereotyping, being racist, etc. are doing the same thing by stereotyping the Ludlow team as all Portuguese. People need to think before they post things online. The same goes for anyone from Ludlow making disrespectful comments. You won the game. Instead of sitting online taunting others, go practice and bring it Friday to prove why you won States last year and why you won Semi’s this week. You have nothing to prove with your words or online, bring it to the field.

  • http://www.hotmail.com Millii

    North brought it to the field. They lost and they defended themselves. I didnt speak for everyone when i stated “Portugese National Team.” In fact, ill rephrase it to Ludlow is a disgrace to the game. You guys didnt deserve to beat North and beat them unfairly. You are racists and dont deny it. You need to learn respect. Thank you for admitting Ludlow is disrespectful too. Ludlow better learn some respect because i guarentee that they will fight in the finals too with such disrespectful and vulgar slurs coming out of their mouths CONSTENTLY . Same goes for your fans too. Learn that you cant bully a team to win . Realtalk

  • JohnJon617

    jaydee, November 15, 2011:
    Who won the game?

    You should learn to read before asking such an ignorant question

  • http://www.hotmail.com Millii

    thats not the point. Ludlow is racist and disrespectful. The ref was bias towards Ludlow clearly. Ludlow wouldve lost guarenteed if the reff was different. Just wait till next year

  • Worcester student

    When did Worcester become so “classless?” Oh wait we didnt. There were no knives, no mace, there was nothing! We defended ourselves after we were attacked. The refs were on the side of Ludlow and not for us. White ref going for a white team.. that spells RACISM to me!

  • kyle

    Listen to Millii, she knows what she’s talking about :)

  • dsantiago

    first of all , let me just say I am a black student that attends Ludlow high school , and Nobody at the school is racist at all, you guys are obvously have nothing better with your life to pull the race card, Just accept the fact that you guys lost, well anyways good lucky boys , bring the WIN HOME !

  • Worcester student

    Really dsantiago.. you must not be black.. ur last name is Santiago.. so lets try this again! Your Portuguese claiming your black and saying that we are pulling the race card. I am pulling the race card because your players and refs were clearly racist. THE END!

  • Portuguese Thunder

    Eaglebrook is a middleschool…. don’t get too excited.

  • Worcester student

    No were over the fact that you somehow won. Were not over the fact over the racism. And I dont count Haitian is “black”.. Thanks THE END

  • kyle

    @dsantiago your comment just goes to show that Ludlow is filled with racist disrespectful people; & you’re definitely one of them. Thanks for proving our point (:

  • kyle

    @Worcesterstudent, he would not survive a day in Worcester (; hahaha

  • Worcester student

    Nah dude would have been thrown out of Worcester by now

  • Michelle

    I agree Julie.