Westfield Police Arrest Teenager for the Death of Ozzie the Duck at Stanley Park

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) – Police in Westfield have arrested a teenager in connection with the killing of a duck at Stanley Park.

Westfield Police Captain Hipolito Nunez, told ABC40/FOX6 News that they have taken a 15 year-old male into custody for allegedly killing Ozzie the Duck.

The arrest was made just a short time ago at about 11:40 this morning. 

Nunez says, “We have charged this individual with cruelty to animals and the killing of a domesticated animal.”

Last Friday evening, November 11, witnesses saw teenagers stomping on Ozzie near the park pond and bridge.

Ozzie the Duck was a resident of the pond for a number of years and was often fed by members of the community who would come by to visit.

The Westfield Police Department will be transporting the suspect to Juvenile Court later today. It is unknown exactly when his arraignment will take place.

Police are not releasing the teenager’s name at this time.

Animal cruelty is a felony and the penalty can carry up to five years in prison and as much as $2,500 in fines.


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  • Mary

    Good, I hope they kick him until he feels it.

  • barbw

    That is just great! Now I hope the courts give him the mandatory sentence and not a slap on the wrist! Which is all too often today! The animals have rights too!!!

  • http://Facebook Michael Coffey

    One down three to go. I hope they catch all four of them. I hope that one day they can see the cruelty in what they did. Let justice take its coarse.

  • al

    I agree with barbw– these little brats deserve the full sentence. Make them serve time to realize what they did was NOT okay, and not something you can get away with.

  • carrie

    I hope the court handles this correctly and gives this kid the Max sentence, so sick of these teenagers getting a slap on the wrist for stuff that WILL lead to worse situations as they get older… to stomp on a animal to death that is helpless, means your a sick individual. You have to have issues already and medication won’t help that. Consuquences need to be put down…painful long consequences that teach him a lesson so he will never do this again. As for the parents…. they should be enforcing a good punishment before next time comes and its worse!!!!!!!

  • jack dingus

    Good. Now kick him in the groin and make him pick up all the trash in the park.

  • marianne

    I agree 100%. The courts need to punish this boy to the fullest so others will think twice before they try something so stupid. GREAT JOB WESTFIELD police….. WOOHOO…..

  • Jean

    I am so happy the police have made an arrest. I hope they get the other kids that participated in this terrible act.
    My heart just breaks for the poor duck.
    I hope these kids get what they deserve!

  • Rob

    I read the article and looked at the image of the innocent animal. How many children enjoyed their interactions with Ozzie over the years? How many smiles did he bring to the
    childrens faces. I think the answers are
    endless.Reading about this senseless act, my
    mind is overcome disbielf. These individuals are beyond redemption. If they could committ such a heinous act against an animal, their lives in our society would be of a criminal nature. These people are the Jeffery Dahmers
    of the future. Totally agree with the other writers. The maximum punishment applied to the convicted. I just wonder how parents are
    going to explain this tragedy to their children.

  • http://www.realliving.com/christine.moran christine moran

    We are all creatures of the universe and have a right not to be murdered for someone else’s amusement. What makes us different from the duck is that we as humans have evolved a sense of empathy and morality.
    The ugly ducking meant so much to us because it was different and reminds us that all life is precious and fragile.

  • mike r.

    Sadly he won’t get much punishment considering his age

  • http://wggb/Facebook DebbieL

    So very glad that they caught this kid, now for the others!! The most severe of punishment should be handed to them!!!

  • Allie

    I know of a guy that got 2yrs in jail for setting a cat on fire… I hope this kid gets the max sentence and has to do some sort of community service at an animal shelter!!!!!

  • George

    Publish name including parents. I hope the judge gives him the max and orders the family to move out of Westfield. They did a terible job raising their child.

  • Futurebrita

    I loved this duch he was so friendly you could get right up to him and he would pose for pictures. I hope they get all 4 of the kids responsible and I hope the outrage of the community has an impact on the judge when these kids are being sentenced. They should get the max and also have to do supervised community time in a shelter.

  • Phil

    Nice work WPD! I never expected this arrest! This will send a clear message to all future visitors of Stanley Park. DON’T MESS WITH OUR DUCKS!

  • Annonomys

    I’m not saying that what these kids did was right, at all, but this duck was not very friendly the several times I encounted him at the park. Actually one of these times he chased me and my two small children, and their two friends out of the pond area. On more than one occasion we would go and feed the ducks and he would come up to us and peck the girls, and had us leaving with them in tears. Again, not saying these kids were right at all, but I certainly didn’t find him an asset to Stanley park!

  • Sue

    Dear Annonomys, Ozzie was a wild animal, yes the ducks get used to people and stick around when visitors come to the park, but obviously if they are chasing you and your children you should know better than to approach a wild animal that closely. They have the same fight or flight insticts as us. Looks like we know who won that fight, not you! Maybe you should stick to petting zoos.

  • jackie

    To anonymous,you would make this about you and your family. All birds do that, and you were there to protect your children, no one was there to protect Ozzie!!!! It is a tragedy, a poor innocent duck swimming and enjoying life to be ended by an adolescent punk!!!!!
    He, should be stomped on!