Dog Beaten on Thanksgiving

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WGGB) — The East Longmeadow Police are investigating an act of animal cruelty that happened on Thanksgiving.

A family that lives on North Main Street in East Longmeadow came home to find their dog bloody and bruised from an apparent attack.

There were two other dogs in the pen with the dog that was beaten that day. Neither of the other dogs were harmed.

The family is trying to get to the bottom of this crime because the price of surgery for their dog is around $2,000.

  • http://www.goodendings.net Donalyn Gross

    Whoever hurt that beautiful dog should be thrown in jail for life! Animal abusers should be given the strongest sentences.

  • http://vikkijoy@comcast.net Richard & Barbara Fontaine

    I can’t even imagine hitting or mistreating a dog or cat. They are little gifts from Heaven and should be cherished always as they give their owners all their love until their last breath is taken due to old age, illness or accident and whoever could abuse an animal should be “LOCKED UP FOR LIFE AND THE KEY THROWN AWAY”. I hope that they find the person/persons that did this and give them the same treatment that they did to that dog!!

  • tania

    LOOK AT ANGRY NEIGHBORS! (sp) I can almost guarantee its an angry neighbor. The dog must bark while they are gone and they were mad and thats why they didnt hurt the other dogs, thankfully. By the amount of cruelty it was someone with a grudge on this poor beautiful animal, makes sense it would be. Send that person or persons to jail and see what cruelty happens to them while they are locked up!! Animal cruelty is a terrible crime. Im a true believer that we should be allowed to do to the abuser what they have done to the animal. We are their voices. One of their neighbors know something and they Should tell the authorities so they can be punished for their crime!!

  • dean

    looks like the dog was in a fight with other dogs. By the way, what were the other 2 dogs in the pen? Maybe a pitbull or a bulldog? hmmm

    Try a little peroxide on the cuts and save your $2,000. Its a dog.

  • cherie

    my condolences to the family. however, to suggest that this was an act caused by a knife-weilding angry person is quite a stretch. it appears to me rex was attacked by another dog or dogs. he even bears old scars so the aggression seems to be escalating. what surgery is required? get some antibiotic and keep your dogs separated when left alone.

  • me

    One of those dogs does bark non-stop (apparently the owner can’t hear him) but I don’t think anyone attacked that dog. It’s pretty clear the other dogs are to blame.

  • Allycat

    If, indeed, the poor dog was attacked by an angry neighbor, this is terrible. There is never an excuse for cruelty toward animals.
    However, I do agree with some of the comments here. I do wonder if the dog was in a fight. As well, the continual barking must drives many of the owner’s neighbors nuts. How irresponsible and inconsiderate of her to keep 3 large dogs outdoors in a pen. Why not keep them in the house?
    There ARE noise ordinances. Neighbors should call animal control and report the excessive barking. Not hurt the dog.
    I think the real culprit here is the owner, sorry. I wonder if she is capitalizing on the generosity of a kind woman, and is looking for $$ from other folks.
    Give me a break. What an opportunist.