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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The Walker Family

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — The episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition featuring the Walker family aired all across the nation Friday night.

“Tonight is the night it is a big night I think we are going to touch a lot of lives,” said Sirdeanor Walker.

Sirdeanor’s son Carl took his own life after being bullied.  Since his death she has worked to end bullying.

“There are so many other children out there so many other families that have been effected like our family has been.  So I’m speaking for all of those families out there,” said Walker.

The episode focused on how bullying can be prevented if everyone comes together and treats each other with respect.  Walker is hoping someday legislation like we have here in Massachusetts to prevent bullying is passed nationwide.

The Walker family watched the episode at the Sheraton in Springfield with volunteers and contractors who made her new home possible.

“We saw it from the beginning to the end of the project it’s pretty exciting,” said Alan Petsche, volunteer.

“We are really happy for the family it was kinda hard to see them go in and be on the outside we have been dying with anticipation all these months,” said Laurie Pesche, volunteer.

For a closer look at the Walker’s home or to watch the entire episode, click here.


  • Glori Martinez

    omg didnt have the chance to see it didnt even know it was today is there will be another day it will be giving it please let me know thanks.

  • ann

    I watched extreme makeover on tv, i was shocked that the other two local channels
    made no mention on it since it aired today. Thank you channel 40. i don’t get it.
    seems to me that it is so much more inportant than the fluff pieces they chose to
    to dwell on or did i miss it?