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Crime Files Update : Fitzgerald, Barron, Rodriguez, and Whitney


Crime files and you help nab another wanted criminal.  Springfield police caught up with Ricky Barron Wednesday on Commonwealth Avenue.

Barron was wanted for shoplifting.   Join us every Tuesday for crime files.  You could help catch a criminal.



Cops say Marylou Rodriguez, Ricky Barron, Shane Fitzgerald and Kerry Ann Whitney all have something in common….shoplifting.

And this is the time of year shoplifters seem to be busiest.

“Because it’s the holiday season stores are jam packed. Springfield police and mall security are looking and we see an uptick in shoplifting,” said Springfield Police Sergeant John Delaney.

So cops are on the look out. They say it’s more serious of a crime than some may think.

“Many people think people are shoplifting for a gift for their loved ones that’s just not true. People who are shoplifting are taking it and trading it for drugs. 95% of all shoplifting is drug related,” explained Delaney.

And it’s a crime that effects everyone.

“Some people think it’s a minor crime, shoplifting but the reason why consumer goods go up is because of shoplifting. The stores need to get that money back some place and it’s by charging the consumer,” added Delaney.

Rodriguez, Barron, Fitzgerald and Whitney were all busted for ripping off stores in the past several months but never showed for their court dates so they’re on Springfield’s wanted list.   So keep your eyes open incase you cross paths with anyone of them, your tip could land them behind bars.

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