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Crime Files: Juan Martori


 Juan Martori is known to Springfield Police as a dangerous guy with gang ties. Cops say he was at The Alumni Club last August with a group of friends when he spotted a girl he liked.

“He had high hopes of going out with this girl.  He asked her out several times, she turned him down said she had a boyfriend. One night she happened to be at the club with her boyfriend and Martori was there and took offense that she was with another guy,” said Springfield Police Sargent John Delaney.

That’s when trouble started.

“He went over to the dance floor and knocked him from behind, kicking him in the face several times.  Then in the middle of the fight, which wasn’t much of a fight because the boyfriend was on the floor, his gang of friends came over and started beating on him also,” explained Delaney.

Security finally broke it up and Martori took off, but not before police say he stole 2 i-phones from the victim’s pocket.

The victim spent three days in the hospital with a broken jaw, fractured skull and cranial bleeding.

Police say Juan Martori is a violent guy who needs to be taken off the streets. So keep your eyes open in case you cross paths with this wanted criminal.

Your tip could help land him behind bars.


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  • Betsy

    Hopes he gets caught!!! And gets the punishment he deserves!!!! Sad

  • frances martori

    They always to said to a story..this my son and this guys ya think was a good guys shaped my son in the face with a bottle that nite and they girl being with my son for years she even want to the jail to see him a sleeped in my house with him she the one that started the whole think they even wanted me to paid them 2000 dollars to drop everything but am not paying the suit we will win it in court….

  • Anonymous

    Juan did not just attack this person for no reason the guy hit him with a bottle and Juan had to defend himself. He did not steal any phones either. It’s crazy how the Springfield police don’t say that part and twist the story a bit all they do is harass the Martori family for no reason instead of doing whats right they have no INTEGRITY!!!

  • me

    I did like her I don’t now…

  • anonymous

    Taina oitiz it a liar..she been seeing Juan martori for years.. even be to visit him in jail…so how someone been trying to be with u for years and u don’t want him..u was his girls at one time..and stay at his moms house and sleep in his room ..i don’t know how that works but everything will come out…cuz ppl know what really going on behind close door..

  • licks a lot

    well maybe he should turn himself in so he can give his side of the story. Man up already. Such a good to be jail, you are the typical springfield trash that has ruined sprinfield. You can’t spell or even form the word you, so lazy you type just the letter. So she seen him in jail big deal seems like she broke up with him DUH! She must have seen what kinda outstanding person he is and moved on with her life.the cops don’t just single out people and pick on them for years, grow up and face the facts. You are to much of cowards to admit what you do wrong and the slums you live in must be everyone elses fault. Life is what you make so stop taking the rest of us down with your silly games.face is your son is useless member of the comunity and is better at home in prison with the rest of the scum ;)

  • Jeremy

    agree with licks a lot. Grow balls or pull they out from mommy,s mouth. Lady I’m so sick of people like you defending douche bags. You wonder why your son has turned out like this? It’s all you dear, you did this to him! The police don’t pick on people and I’m sure they made him bleed and I’m sure he deserved it. Your english sucks and you should prob keeps your dwarfed mind at a min. Because your gonna have stroke. If it was self defense why did he run and hide??? Your a liar and so is he! Look this guys record up I did he’s no loss to our community and he belongs in prison. This “hoe” you speak of got some balls and left him, come on now why else would she be with another man if she liked him??? So whos the hoe? You got how many kids by how many daddy’s? I thought so hoe. Take care now and I’m sure when your shack is raided they will find all sorts of goodies that prove we are right and your the scum that needs to be cleaned from springfields finger nails. :)

  • anonymous

    We all we see …and his mother not taking side..and she don’t have kids from all different men she been with his father for 23 years ..and a hoe never that…and she know her son no Angel…and she will do what any mother will do for they son…and if he did it she wouldn’t care if he had to do time…cause if u do the crime then do the time…and she did fell bad for the kid when she heard about it but her son had a bottle slap in his face..and he not old enough to be in a club in the first place so if u don’t know what happen u shouldn’t be talking to u know the facts…

  • frances

    Lick…listen I don’t think my son a angel…and am not a hoe cuz all my kids belong to one man his father so get it right.and he will turn his self in..cuz it not that big of a deal..and they would’ve dismissed the change if I pay them but am not paying anyone money for nothing.so at the end of the day everything will workout on my son behave…u will see..and u most be a rat but my son not but when he win she will go to jail for lying to police..and my son never want to jail for robbing or jumping anyone in his life..so get it right..@ jimmy get your info right my kids all from the same men.been with him 23 years and we merry so a hoe ya a good one..and the reason why they not together cuz he didn’t want her..or they would’ve..the whole point is they should’ve told the whole story not half…why they didn’t say they all come to my house making show and the cops came ..they didn’t say that why didn’t she tell the cops then to lock him up when she was outside my house if he rob her n her man ..it was right after everything happen this is why I say they always to side to a story…

  • Free P

    I personally know that Juan is no Criminal, pssshhh come on… I could list about a 100 other people they should be wasting valuable resources looking for..

  • Christina Curbelo

    My cousin doesn’t start un neccessary drama especially over a LYING trifling female who can’t get over the fact that she’s out there. Was my cousin not supposed to defend himself??? Everybody on here whose disrespecting my aunt needs to mind their buisness she’s a mother if her son is right she’s going to stand by him if he’s wrong she’s still gonna stand by him the disrespect towards her needs to stop. Its ok every dog has there day and that goes for the little girl and her man. I’m here for you Titi and Ray love you. They not gettin away with these lies.

  • steph

    Well. First of all watch ya mouth lick& jeremy 2nd she ain’t no hoe other wise she wouldn’t b married to the same man for 23 years 3rd from what I kno juan he aint bout that life to beat up a man cause of a girl he gets way more pussy n probably looking better then that dum broad most likely that’s why she did what she did out of despite. JUAN is not mr save a hoe that’s why she found the next nigga to beat in the head. To take her serious n make her self look like a victim typical jealous bitch so with all that being said when you talk about people being. Trash to that society/springfield town include the dirty females with no life that do that to men all the time. Out of hate when they dead them

  • nun ya

    all this cumin frm a coke whore mother lmao francis u noe wtf ur son did so idk y yall tryna cover up if da nigga didnt do it he wouldnt b on da run lik seriousli buh yet all ur son friends n ur son was begging nana to take money frm them to drop charges seriousli niggas noe wat it is lik if its dat serious da niggga need to go find a new bitch cuz he cnt have nana dats y he startd dat shyt in da club cuz i was there n seen for myself ya son is a trifling ass niggafind a new bitch n have a family since u wana b a grandma he runns da streets for no reason literalli nobdi has time for dat u bringin shyt up n speakin on ur son n u dnt noe wtf ya son doin or who he fukn da kid not urs a nigga stole ya bitch nigga get over it tuffin up cheif lol all these ppl takin noe wtf u talkn bout then ull have a case da d/a boutta tak ya ass dwn get over it turn yaself in n tak it lik a man cuz wat happend to dat man dnt mak any fukn sense so now ppl kno where he get it frm his hoodrat mother idgaf how much of a mother u say u r i watched a dog give birth buh that doesnt mak it a mother

  • http://Yahoo officer Martori

    Francis is right, lil Raymond will never be convicted of a crime because the whole Martori family except for Ruben and Omar are snitches( police informants).Raymond and Francis have told on so many people they have probably lost count. I dont know how a family acts so tough when they are basically cops themselves. If you want to talk to Francis personally you can find her in your local nightclubs at 50 yrs old high off coke and pill hitting on teenage boys. I paid alot of money and with the will of God i escaped their wrath. They tell on anyone who pisses them off and they work directlty with narcotics officers. Sorry Springfield Juan Martori will not go to jail but be sure someone will in his place, mommy and daddy will take care of that, and by the way im living proof. Francis couldnt pay the money cuz she sniffs up all her profit shes a broke b

  • Tiana ortiz

    You see I wasn’t gonna comment on all this STUPIDTY but when it comes to my son and all you STUPID people that have NO clue Wth your talking about, you can sit here and say whatever you’d like about me cause honestly the reason Juan is in this predicament is he’s own fault. Maybe if he GREW up and admit he’s wrongs instead of always running to mommy to save him people would have more respect for him! But honestly I’m not gonna sit here and bash anyone neither STOOP to anyone on here’s level. All I know is none of what happend had ANYTHING to do with me! And my boyfriend and Juan both KNOW this! Now seriously give it up Cause the only people talking on here is he’s family who were NO WHERE to b found that night! And you guys are right there are two sides of the story and the CORRECT side WILL b Heard. I have nothing to lie about and will only say the truth UNLIKE alll YOU people on here! Juan can say and make whatever lies up he wants cause he’s only doing what any other coward would do try and make himself look innocent the people who should b addressed here are all Juan’s “friends” nobody has said anything about any of them cause everybody’s to busy focusing on me. Look at the bigger picture here my boyfriend was seriously hurt Juan had not a scratch on him so yes Francis you are right GOD does NOT like UGLY!!! So at the end of the day he might not go to jail if god is by he’s side but surely I’ll b with my son right after. So just do yourself’s the FAVOR plz and leave my son OUT of this. Thankyou

  • frances

    I don’t do coke and all ya bitches do…don’t hate cuz am .42 and look better then all ya hoe..n nana he my son n he did have a bottle hit in his face.. n you did come here with Ur whole family that nite..yellibg outside my house ..y did ya all run off when the cops come all u had to do was tell the cops Juan was here n he rob u and your man..so they would’ve lock him up then ..ya don’t worry Juan want to court why didn’t they lock him up then …if ya all know so much…n I did feel bad for your man ..but my son was hurt to but he didn’t want to go calling cops…and a rat Bitch u bring me one person that I or my man rat I’ll pay u cuz I don’t need to rat on anyone …me n mine don’t rat …that y I let u know it me posting shit…office martori u a Bitch put ur name and y u riding my brother in law Dick…u most been sucking they shit all day…and I know u know us cuz u saying lil Raymond so u fussy..

  • me

    Nana…I have nothing bad to said about you but the way ya making my son look like piece of shit n he not at all…and he will get off…I got everything I need …and just remember u have a son n when his a young men and s girl put him in something you just remember Juan martori and what u did…wish u won’t never have to…you are a mother and u will see what u will do for ur son..so am just doing what I have to for mine…n his my only son….a all ya other ppl talking who ever ya are I know ya sons are in jail so ya let me know if ya want them there so whatever his my son n ill be on his side tell I die…just like u will be on your nana…so don’t worry everyone of ya Juan will turn his self in…and all that other shit ya talking sorry ya putting ya self out there like that cuz ya want me to be down with ya…sorry never that…




    One more thing FRANCES your son hasnt been to jail only cause he a little pussy ass nigga acting tough who is better off in the streets cause if he go to jail, he might not come out.

  • frances

    To Everyone..my son be in jail..a pussy I’d think so..am done with this web shit ya know me so will bring it..it is what it is am going to be on my son side …just like the rest of ya will if he did something or not…that my son ..and if u a good mother u will do the same for your kids…so whatever…and Taina I did pray for your man cuz am a mother and I know how a mother feel when they son hurt and may not make it …so I do had a good heart and don’t wish anyone anything wrong…but the same way ya all taking side am on Juan side …so everyone ya cuz call me what ya want cuz really I know who I am…a mother and ya mother say things when the mad…but we all know what happen so will the court…am done..

  • http://gmail the real

    Oh Frances you do love that coke and those pills.I was gonna knock big raymonds teeth out a little while ago but i was still out on bail from the case you gave me so i couldnt risk it, i do know you and im not scared of you. Your the law and i cant fight the law. How many times raymond and choco got pulled over with dope in the car and they got let go, How bundles pop 4 times on a piss test and not violate probation. your rats should just crawl back in your holes. Anybody on the ave want to stay free stay away from this family. one of bundles friends caught a case not to long ago, makes me wonder. mommy and daddy will turn anyone in to cut there babies time. but when their done with your info, your going where all snitches go

  • http://gmail the real

    And by the way im talking shit online cuz if i go near a martori i will b arrested or ,i cant fight back because they are informants( agents). Frances you junkie bitch i would see your husband or bundles any day but they might have cameras on to record the ass whipping and all you niggas defending them ill show u my paperwork and you will see too they family is cops

  • whatever

    @real u so real ..why u keep call this family rats and all this ex.shit this it all about a girl and two guys…at the end of the day she may go back to both of them… so it is what it is…and you look like a rat to me cuz u putting all this ppl name on here that have shit to do with all this bullshit…and all this drug shit…

  • http://gmail the real

    It doesnt matter what i say about u as far as drugs cuz you will never go to jail because youre the police. and as far as the girl and this story i dont give a shit about it, im just sick of u rats coming out your holes

  • wave

    give me ur number nana I’m tryna beat