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Pine Point Break-Ins

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Residents in the Pine Point neighborhood are concerned after a rash of break-ins.

Garages and sheds are being targeted.

“Ya it’s very scary especially when you come home and see your garage open you know you’re not expecting that,” said Ramonita Irizarry.

Irizarry’s garage was broken into just two days ago.

“He had a lot of stuff that they got her got robbed,” said Irizarry.

Police say there have been an increase of break-ins in the area.  They believe it’s the work of one person.  They are stepping up patrols to catch the suspect.

They are also asking for the publics help.

“Again people need to keep an eye out.   Watch your neighbor’s home if you see someone suspicious somebody walking into the yard just call the police,” said John Lysak, Springfield City Councilor.

The Public Health and Safety Committee of the City Council will be discussing this issue Thursday night at 4 p.m. at City Hall.  Residents of the Pine Point neighborhood are encouraged to attend.

  • http://www.wggb.com Erin C

    There have always been break-ins in the Pine Point neighborhood since I moved in seven years ago. My son’s snowmobile was taken out of the back of my husbands truck in our driveway and it took police ten hours to come to our house. We had to call every hour to make sure an office was coming. That is why we put up an eight foot stockade fence, a security system and have two pit bulls.