Sink Hole Shuts Down North Bound Lane of Roosevelt Ave. in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — The north bound lane of Roosevelt Avenue in Springfield will be blocked off to traffic through tomorrow morning due to a sink hole.

Springfield Police Sgt. David Martin told abc40,”We are diverting traffic to Cottage St. and have an extra officer on scene who will remain throughout the night to make sure the situation is safe.”

Martin reports the Mass Highway department will not be able to make it out until tomorrow morning to make the necessary repairs.

Springfield Police did take in several motor vehicle accident reports involving the sink hole.

  • http://Gemp1944 Libdumb

    I find it amazing that these obstructions that endanger both people and the cars that they drive aren’t immediately corrected. You mean to say that no cop drove by that hole for days? They didn’t alert someone immediately to fix it. I see branches, trash, various things on roadways, etc. and not one City or Town employee does a thing about them. Same on the Highway with State Cops. What to they do, drive by it and ignore it until someone gets killed!

  • momma

    I travel that area almost daily and only noticed that that portion of roosevelt has been partially blocked for months due to construction. If your so smart why didn’t you notice the problem? But guess you were to busy running your mouth to see anything. Have a nice morning commute.