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Students Arrested Following UMass Ruckus

AMHERST, Mass. (WGGB) — A New York Giants victory celebration turned ugly at UMass Amherst following the Super Bowl.

Riot police armed with flash bombs and pepperball guns moved in on more than 1,500 UMass students that began rioting in the Southwest residential area late Sunday night.

“This is what happens when you lose. Win or lose people go nuts at Amherst so it’s a zoo out here,” one student noted.

Some students showed up in sorrow and looked ahead to next year.

“The Pats should have had it. Next time baby,” one student yelled.

Others, though, were rioting in celebration.

“We’re from New York.  We want this…yeah,” two female students yelled back.

The plaza in Southwest, a spot known for riots in the past , began filling with students just minutes after the Patriots lost.

“I wouldn’t call it an angry mob.  I’d call it an upset gathering,” one student commented.

Some students climbed trees and buildings.  Others tossed toilet paper and drinks from nearby dorms.

Overhead announcements urged students to go back inside.   Most students, though, failed to listen, so officers, mounted on horseback, moved in.  It took police less than an hour to clear the crowd.

Fourteen people were arrested. There were no injuries or any reported damage.

Even those students who avoided the violent parts of the crowd say staying inside just wasn’t an option after a heartbreaking Pats loss.

“I was really upset and my first reaction was ‘I’m going to slam the door and leave’ and when I got outside, everyone I knew was outside,” notes one UMass freshman.

Fellow freshman Scott Tanner agreed, saying riots like Sunday’s are part of the UMass tradition.

“Nobody got too out of control. We came together and had fun with it.  It was a great experience, especially as a freshman here,” Tanner said.


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  • Kat

    Trust me that was no Giants victory party. You must have missed the use of profanity before the word giants.

  • mike

    it was mostly giants fans at first. i was there from the beginning

  • Jenna

    Umass is WAAAYYYY over rated, Your all fucking morons… None of the “rioters” were even FOOTBALL fans they were going to riot with or with out a victory… Dont blame it on super bowl sunday

  • Noah Buddy

    Says the girl who uses the wrong ‘you’re’. UMass is by no means overrated. In fact these riots are a reason why many people look down on the student body. Your generalizations make you just as much of a moron as the morons who run at the police and try to fight them here in southwest. There are idiots everywhere, and unfortunately it takes just a small group of people to make the rest of us look stupid.

  • Kaitlin

    You go Noah!!! I agree 100%

  • john smith

    i go here, it was sick and i enjoyed it thoroughly, it wasnt a big deal. who doesnt like being apart of a mob

  • baby t

    Yo what up word is bond hootie hoooo we out here Umass, shit was str8 fiyah love day riot guap

  • Peter

    Whats a matter umass? Giants beat your ass… AGAIN!

  • Umass Student

    I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. Does any senior remember their freshman year with the Red Sox riot? Or last year the Osama Bin Laden riot? This was nothing compared to those riots, so what is the difference now?

  • UMass student

    Peter, The Giants didn’t beat “us.” what people fail to realize is that when they use words like “we” and “us,” they really mean only the team, because the fans do absolutely nothing but cheer on.

    But why am I bothering? Anyone who thinks it’s an insult to say one group of people can trow a ball better than another obviously doesn’t have their priorities straight.

    Also, it wasn’t a “riot.” It was literally kids standing around yelling, thinking that they were cool, when they just looked like idiots, and ran from the cops right away. Of course they have the audacity to openly rebel, but refuse to take any punishment for it.

    southwest gives this place a bad rep. I swear, there are some decent places on campus.

  • Derek

    Things like this make me embarrassed to be a UMass student. However, the public needs to realize that these sorts of things are the product of a very small minority of students here. It is very possible that those 1,500 students just came outside to talk about the game, celebrate the Giants win, or moan over the defeat of the Pats, with no intention of being destructive. All it takes is for that 1% of bad people in that crowd to feel like they are anonymous, and then suddenly this is the result.

    I also think it’s sad that the media is always ready to say something negative about the best public university in New England. We have amazing research going on here, excellent teachers, and our top undergrads go on to some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the country. However, all you ever hear on the news is riots, drinking, and arrests.

    The reporter in the piece above even says something about whether or not people will make it to class tomorrow. I will take the liberty of doing some basic arithmetic for him. 27,269 students – 1,500 “rioters” = 25,769 students who are fine to go to class.

  • Jaye

    How can you defend any of this? It doesn’t matter if they were football fans or not, the students of Amherst turned ugly. I live 20 miles from here, whenever I drive my muscle car into town I get death threats and/or threats to damage my car from many of your fine students. I’m a 50 year old woman being threaten by young men in dreadlocks. Yeah, so many fine young students at UMASS. I’m not worried, I am sure I can take them if need be, some are so stoned they can hardly stand. Go UMASS.

  • Frankie Figgs

    Grow up UMASS

  • Umass student

    Wow Jaye, I didn’t realize we had 21,000 “young men in dreadlocks” here at umass. It’s nice to know that adults who should be setting a mature example on an Internet forum such as this one, know how to generalize thousands of students based a few. Thanks for that.

  • John

    Go BU.

  • UMass Student

    It appears that Ken wrote this article while participating in the riots. Does this joint have an editor?!

  • just a girl

    I wanna know why you guys were soooo upset?? This isn’t the last time the pats will go to the superbowl….why do you have to get arrested over a football game? Come on!

  • Jake

    I was part of the riot. And the riot started because of the superbowl. But continued because of drunk people. Also there were many people who didn’t just run away whenever one of the cops or horses stepped foward. Ther were people who peacefully just stood ther ground and we’re not on any drugs that I could see. Southwest isn’t just a bunch of drunken idiots

  • just a girl

    But Jake…it’s just a game…yea Brady blew it, but still….I won’t be transferring to Umass :/.. I just think the kids are too crazy for me. Peace.

  • cooking rice for dinner

    It sort of does make the school look bad, we’ve had the reputation of a party school, but why do we want to be a riot school? I understand it might be a rite of passage, but riots get dangerous, people get hurt and die. Sure, you might have a story to tell for the rest of your life, or you might have one you keep as a secret for the rest of your life. In my opinion, it’s not worth it. UMASS is a great school, we have amazing buildings, I love it here even though it gets out of hand at times. Backtracking: “Uh-oh, we lost, let’s fucking hurt each other.”

    P.S. – Our receivers (Pats) were not on their game, don’t blame Brady

    P.P.S. – My rice is delicious.

  • No longer a friend of cops

    What is not being reported is that UMass essentially declared martial law, activating the emergency sirens and placed everyone under house arrest — announcing that anyone seen outside would be arrested and expelled.

    I had to go to the library. There was no rioting where I was — a mile away.
    I may flunk out of school if I can’t make up what I would have accomplished last night (the library is open all night Sun-Thurs and it is the only time the place is quiet enough to get anything done.

    I am no fan of the drunken rioters, but I am no fan of the police either. I would like to take all of them — the drunken yahoos, the cops, the administrators — all of them and dump them in a snowbank in Alaska. Naked.

    It is ZooMass not because of the riots but because you are treated like a caged animal. I am so glad that Westfield State now has a doctoral program, it is going to put Planet UMass out of business, very quickly.

  • No longer a friend of cops

    One more thing — the kids who got arrested, we can call them criminals.

    What do we call the cops?

    Welcome to UMass, where you waive your rights as a citizen.

    I think we should burn the American flag, as it doesn’t mean anything on this campus anymore. Not a damn thing — which is a damn shame for all the people who have died trying to make it mean something.

    Again, I WANTED TO STUDY. Not riot, not drink, not anything else.
    How stupid I am, thinking that one can do that on a college campus….

  • Kevin C

    I was outside in Southwest as a peaceful citizen moving responsibly in a lawful gathering. I understand and respect the job of the police and I overall think they did a good job. But I saw some things that make me pause. For starters, the first wave of tear gas and flashbangs came as students gathered peaceably in the Southwest quad. No rioting was occuring during that first wave – just a loud and raucous gathering. Last I checked, this is our campus, we fund it, and if we want to gather anywhere peaceably we damn well better be able too. I have no problem with the police enforcing the order and safety of the university. But as a proud American citizen, I have a really fucking hard time with the dispersal of a peaceful gathering!!!

  • Elaine

    The Giants won. They deserved to win. The played a better game than the Patriots. The UMASS students’ behavior elevates the Patriots to super losers with fans who are poor sports! Mobs are sick? The police were right to move in and break things up early knowing that students are largely immature brats who would happily destroy their own campus throwing a crybaby temper tantrum pity party! I feel sorry for parents who are wasting tuition on these particular children who should probably be hanging out in a less expensive community college, perhaps paying for it themselves until they mature. Except they’re probably not educated enough for that and at the rate they’re going…good luck.

  • http://Gemp1944 Libdumb

    They should all go into the slammer for about 3 months and then sent home to find a job. Set the example for all them subsidized illegals.

  • Noah Buddy

    Just a Girl,

    College is what you make of it. UMass (and every college campus) has a tendency to have crazy people. The benefit of UMass is that all the crazy/rowdy people tend to gravitate towards ONE residential area (southwest). That means there are less people who just want to screw around in the other areas (not saying there aren’t crazy people other places, and not to say that people in southwest are ALL crazy). Every other residential area was quiet. Except when I was yelling out the window because the place was so damn quiet. Then I went down to the outskirts of southwest just to see what was happening (it took me 10 mins to walk there from my res area).

    Don’t say you won’t come here because people are too crazy. I respect everyone’s decision to do what they want, but don’t think that we are a homogeneous student body that whose interests align with those who were arrested or in the videos.

  • Jake

    I was one of those arrested on that night, worst decision I ever made