It Must be Global Warming, Right?

Many people this winter have jokingly said to me, keep up the good work. Of course referring to the mild, snow-less winter we’ve had so far.  However, there are the snowplow drivers and winter sports enthusiasts that have been giving me dirty looks.  I guess you can’t please everyone.  There are other people that have been asking me more serious questions about this winter, like, is this global warming?  Will the lack of snow cause a drought?  And does a mild winter mean a hot/humid summer?  We’ll, the short answer to all these questions is NO!

Global warming may or may not be occurring but this winter, alone, is not evidence of global warming. Although we have been mild and snow-less eastern Europe has been getting buried in snow all season long and the cold has been relentless. In fact, hundreds of people have died because of the severe cold. This year the jet stream has stayed, mainly to our north and has dipped dramatically across parts of Europe. So why the mild winter? The jet stream! And by the way, we were do for a winter like this. Outside of a couple of winters, including 2006-2007, winters have been at or above normal in snowfall with below normal temperatures since the mid-90s.

As far as the prospects of a drought, unless we get into a real dry pattern over the next couple of months the lack of snow should NOT lead to a drought. We are coming off one of the wettest years on record and although February has been dry, so far, we still reached our average precipitation for December and January. And finally there is NO correlation between mild winters and hot or cold summers. So if you hate the snow and cold just sit back and enjoy the break Mother Nature is giving us.  After last year we certainly deserve it!

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Dan Brown

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