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Dog Dragged to Death in Turners Falls, Pair Charged

MONTAGUE, Mass. (WGGB) — Two people have been arrested in connection to death of a dog that police allege was dragged to death.

Just before 5:00 a.m. Sunday, Montague Police Sgt. Lee Laster says that police received a call in the area of Third Street in Turners Falls.  A witness said that they had seen a black dog being dragged by a leash on the driver side door.

When officers arrived, they found a man and woman walking in wooded area, with the dead body of a dog discarded nearby.

At first, Laster says that the pair told officers that the dog was already in the roadway and they wanted to remove it.  They also allegedly said that they had no idea who owned the dog.

Officers then assessed the dog’s wounds and investigated the condition of the car, and they concluded that the car caused the dog’s death.

The woman, who is a resident of Greenfield, finally allegedly admitted to police that she was the dog’s owner and that she didn’t even know that the dog was out of the house.

Police found that the leash was trapped in the driver side door of the car and the woman drove from Greenfield to Turners Falls, which is about four miles in distance, with the dog and leash attached.

The woman, identified as Shylo Valego of Greenfield, has been charged with cruelty to animals, obstruction of justice, and possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle

Her male companion, Casey Aiken of Turners Falls, has been charged with obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact.  His identity also has not been released.



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    These drunken idiots should be dragged on the side of a car on 91 all the way to VT!! Forget the 4 miles…you stupid idiots!! You’re not going to tell me that that dog didn’t cry and howl?!? They ought to be KILLED themselves. Cruelty to animals SHOULD NOT be tolerated. I give the officers who investigated it credit for not unloading their clips into these A&*HOLES!!!!

  • animal lover

    you have to be kidding me you don’t hear the dog whine I’d have handcuffed them and dragged them to like they dragged the dog all the way to central booking… I’m sorry but people who are like that shouldn’t be allowed pets

  • Lexi&Moose’s Dad

    Just when you’d thought heard it all. Absolutely disgusting.

  • sarah dobbins

    How do u not know u r dragging a dog w/your car???? ! U would hear someting dragging!! R these people crazy!! That is sooo cruel…Poor doggie :(

  • John Doe III

    alcoholic, braindead white trash, sounds like my neighbors, i am not shocked.

  • iwillspeakupforever

    We need greater consequences for these types of vicious and abusive actions towards pets/ animals. A hand slap or fine does nothing to the offender.

  • Luv my pets

    This is absolutely horrible! It makes me sick to think of what the dog went through. I dont understand how someone wouldnt hear the poor dog. A couple of drunken low life scum is what these people are.

  • Justice

    We should have a cruelty to animal list just like sex offenders.
    We all need to know who these low life people are and live.
    Drag these bastards in back of a truck to Canada. Losers!

  • b-ri

    Who the H*** is drinking at 5am Sunday morning? they should be thrown in jail for just plain out being stupid! The penalty for what they did to that dog should be equal, drag them 4 miles by a car with a leash around their necks!

  • JJ

    Did the cops know this Casey Aiken lives on third street Turners Falls and is a sex offender. Goggle his name and see. Great guy! If this is the same guy he should be put to death.

  • maemti

    Absolutely disgusting! A poor, defenseless and innocent dog….may you both get what is deserved: equally harsh treatment.

    But of course we all know that they will not get what they rightfully deserve…

  • http://Facebook Rich H

    Omg,,Are you Freaking kidding me”Really”?!And The sad part about this is NOTTHING will happen to them!!And even if something does happen it WON’T Compare to what that Poor Dog went Threw and for all we know that Poor Dog was mistreated IT’S hole life and for some one NOT To Know it’s leash wasn’t in the door cause she’s to stupid to realize She had there dogs leash in her hand or Shes jus an Evil Drunk!!!!And to the one Who did this your a Scumbag!!

  • Randall

    dear Editor: please tell me what is wrong with the last paragraph of the story…
    “Her male companion, Casey Aiken of Turners Falls, has been charged with obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact. His identity also has not been released.”

  • http://masslive.com pet peeve

    Sick,Sick,Sick! Unbelievable, perhaps they should be looking for another place to live. They should be banned from having any animals, let alone kids. God help them if they do, absolute low life, poor excuse for a human being.

  • Meagy

    Absolutely horrible. Shoot both these mother fuckers and piss on them.

  • Maria

    Absolutely disturbing!!! I am sick over this story!! How can you not know your dog is outside the car and being dragged? They are lying about what really happened!! These are two SICK people that should be locked up after being dragged so they know what it felt like for the beautiful dog!! May the dog RIP and they rot in hell!!!!!!!!

  • http://masslive.com pet peeve

    You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide……

  • http://masslive.com pet peeve

    But,maybe you should run…………..

  • http://wggb Debbie

    Heard the news yesterday and had nightmares all night long. I have no children however my precious pup is my first-born. I am so discussted by this news. An eye for an eye….

  • Tera

    I hope these people burn in hell, after being dragged to death themselves!

  • tammy

    There should be harsher punishment to animal abuse, a few years in jail or a fine will not stop them if people who abuse animals have children they should remove the kids if these people can do these things to innocent animals how are they with their kids?? and they are teaching their kids that it is ok to do these horrific things to animals