Athlete of the Week — Chadwick Woodfine, Chicopee

The story of Chicopee High star athlete, Chad Woodfine — or as his mother calls him, ‘Chadwick’, which is his given name.

  • hyacinth campbell

    Chad want to wish u all the best in life, ur a very strong young men with alot of potencial ,dont u ever give up u have alot of good peoples behind u ,ur mother his a wonderful lady ,she’s like a mother to me ,just keep up the good work and put god first ’cause his blessings his all over u and ur family,shine my dear and may god bless u in all that ur doing ,make ur patients proude,which I know and u know they or ,love peace and happyness with u always.

  • Adele

    I’ve known you a long time. You are one of the beams that shine in your Mom’s eyes. You have always made her proud. Your Mom is also the greatest person I have ever known. Go for the gusto. You can do it. I have faith in you.