R.I. Family Booted from JetBlue Flight over Fussy Two-Year-Old

CRANSTON, R.I. (CNN) – A Rhode Island family is upset after an airline booted them from a return trip home, because they didn’t buckle their toddler’s seat belt in time.

Vieau says her two-year-old daughter, Natalie, didn’t want to sit in her seat with the saftey belt securely fastened, as F.A.A. Regualations require during takeoff.

The family had just completed a warm and sunny vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.

However, on February 18th, it was time to fly back to chilly Boston, and somebody did not want to go.

The parents, who are both doctors, say when they finally got their toddler to sit, security appears with a JetBlue representative.

Colette says some people seated around the family were understanding, and so was security.

The pilot, however, was not.

So the flight attendant delivered the bad news: They would be pulling back to the gate.

Vieau says, “We weren’t yelling and swearing. My child wasn’t running up and down the aisles. We were trying. We were putting in an effort. We didn’t just say, “So what?” You know, we were doing our best, and she decided that was the way it was going to go.”

Vieau says that there was no flight until the next day, and that one went through J.F.K. In New York.

She says that whole thing cost them at least $2,000. “I don’t like the way it was handled,” says Vieau.

JetBlue says the customers did not comply with crew member instructions for a prolonged time period. The captain elected to remove the customers involved for the safety of all customers and crew members on board.

Vieau adds that “It’s just airplane travel today. You know, it’s like there’s no humanity in it. There’s no decency. I really think that this could have gone a different way.”

The F.A.A. Requires that children two years old and up to sit in their own seats.

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  • gina

    this is not right for the pilot to do this to that couple at all. what if there was a passenger on that had adhd/seizers/other medical problems would they be thrown off to thats discrimination. the pilot needs to grow up. these parents didn’t do anything wrong at all. just cuz the child was having atemper tey shouldn’t of have theff thplane the pilot needs a check.

    • Elizabeth

      Passengers with medical problems are ABSOLUTELY removed from aircraft. There’s a BIG difference between discrimination and liability. Watch again…it was not a little temper tantrum. The parents could NOT buckle the kid into the seat. By the time the Pilot became involved, it was GAME OVER.

      • Mar

        I agree. The parents need to realize that even a two year old can understand you have to sit and put on your seatbelt. When the child doesn’t want to sit in her car seat driving down the highway and throws a fit, do they just let her climb around in the car? From what I understand, when the parents actually did get the child in the seatbelt, the parents had to physically hold her down. I love kids, but I think the pilot made the right choice.

    • paul

      you are way off the mark with this post. you obviously don’t understand the issues here.

  • dan

    Obviously the parents were not trying hard enough. safety rules are for everyone…the parents should be upset with their control over their child – not the decision of the pilot.

    • JO JO


      • lesli anderson

        finally…someone with a head on their shoulders. if more people would realize that they shape their children’s behavior, instead of “allowing them to express their individuality” as a society we might be in a better place!!! thank you

  • http://JetblueFlight Patty

    Saftey for customers and crew members? She is 2! They could of maybe offered to move them to the rear of the plane as an option. On the other hand, the parents need to teach their child on how to behave in the future when going on an airplane. The pilot is not the only one to blame here.

  • mary

    That is ridculous. How much is a 2 yr old going to understand. Not much. She was just having a temper tantum. The crew probably made a bigger scene than that child did.

    • marie

      you do realize that the parents allowed their two yo child to decide she was not going to buckle up, right? do these same parents allow this child not to buckle up in their car? IT’S A SAFETY ISSUE!! do you allow your child to make decisions that are unsafe? do you not take responsibilty for your childs actions? does society have to parent your child if they are being unsafe and irresponsible?

    • mareazy

      I believe the parents did, in fact, make the decision for the 2 yr old that she had to buckle her seatbelt. The baby didnt want to, which is why she was throwing a fit! If they had, as you suggest, allowed the baby make the decision not to buckle up, she wouldnt be throwing a tantrum. 2 yr olds have fits, and sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it.

  • traveller

    I dont want to sound biased or anything, but jetblue has some great people working for them. I’d be really surprised if the incident was really as minor as the coupple claims it was. I fly them a lot, and they get more than their fare share of screaming kids (newark-palm beach, kill me!)

    Think about it, it took a stewardess and security personell to come over even after they had left the gate–seems a bit more than the run of the mill unruly child.

    Lastly, pilots are responsible for everyone’s safety and comfort. If the child couldnt sit down now with both her parents pleading, she would likely be a nuisance on a safe flight, or a risk on (a god-forbid) trouble flight…They are human too, and likely considered the weight of their choices.

    the article just seems a bit biased. The truth is likely in the middle, overreacting on both sides…

    • paul

      this is the most intelligent of all the responses. good for you!

  • Jessie

    Does it matter that the parents are both doctors? Would they have written…. The parents who are both wal-mart cashiers or factory workers? The parents need to take control and be parents!!!

  • Linda

    I agree with the decision to remove the family from the plane if it was in fact due to the child not being able to sit in her seat with the safety belt securely in place. I do not think the child being loud or crying was what got them booted off. I am sure that if I did not put my saftey belt on they would throw me off also. So I am hoping that they tired thier precious little girl out before boarding the flight the next day….

  • momma

    Must be nice to be able to go on a vacation to the islands especially with a 2year old. Though I wouldnt know cant afford to pay for gas in my car to go to work never mind a vacation.

  • liltom19

    What was done was good! I dont want to listen to a kid screaming and carrying on during my flight. A muzzle is needed on flights these days. Being doctors means they hire a nanny and were too cheap to bring her along to continue to raise their kids for them even on vacation. Lack of parenting skills should cost them way more than 2 grand. Pilot has ultimate control on the plane. With terrorism these days, it could have been an early distraction for something major later in the flight. Dont like it…take the heel toe express from now on!

    • ROMANIAN70


  • Chad

    To Richard:
    Were you never a crying baby? Of course you were—and you still are. Put a diaper on that vulgar, hate-spewing mouth of yours.
    Yes, some children need more control. But you need it the most.

  • Evelyn

    I enjoy jet blue and maybe the 2 year needs a time out.

    • thpii

      We can all use a timeout from time to time.

  • Denny

    To Richard, liltom19, dan: Please wake up and call your parents ask what kind of hell did you all raise when you were 2. How many times you pooped the party. Well you do even now. How can you determine they are bad parents when a 2 year old is upset, they have mind of their own. Parenting actually starts taking shape around late 3rd year.

    Yes its hard to fly with kids, when parents dont do enough to calm them then I agree with most of you. If they try enough and still no luck, then sorry but thats way of life.

    You are worried your few hour flight is horrible, imagine those victims of gunmen of McDonalds, schools, colleges, post offices thats the absolute worst. Not a crying kid on few hours trip. Please grow up and dont forget to call your parents!!

  • Mel

    I know this couple… they let the kid scream in the grocery stores while shopping…. get over it!!!

  • Al

    FYI – I was ON that flight. I was not sitting near them but let’s just say that this story is a little one-sided, and the talk at baggage claim among the people sitting near them was not of the “oh those poor people were just minding their business” variety. It seems (and again I was not near enough to know this for sure) that they were not kicked off for a fussy two year old but for the tone of the parents’ responses to the flight attendant who was trying to get them to follow FAA rules (and who, I can attest, was an absolute sweetheart). Viewed in that light maybe the decision is a little easier to swallow?

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks for sharing! It’s always nice to hear a second view point!

    • chissus

      Maybe they are doctors who think they are God and should get special treatment.

      • Elizabeth

        Even more interesting that she’s a Pediatrician!

  • Jack

    Some parents do not think a well-mannered child is something that is necessary. In fact, I have heard some say that it ‘suffocates creativity and self-sufficiency’. I do not agree, but I am finally glad a pilot saw it the same way I would have. One person should not impact others by their choices when they all have to share the same space and all paid for a ticket. Just like those who insist on speaking with raised voices on a cell phone, it is rude and lacks consideration for others. Basically you force others to endure what you yourself have chosen to do. Raising kids is tough, but you should not make others deal with the choices you have made as a parent…..that is your responsibility.

    • Ben

      Well Said!

  • Sherrie

    It is my understanding that the child would not stay fastened into her seatbelt. If this was the case, who would be responsible for her safety if the plane ran into some turbulance? I bet the parents would be suing for injury to their precious, unbelted darling. Even 2-year-olds have to follow safety rules. If your kids won’t get into their carseat, you don’t take off in your car, do you?

  • dave taylor

    This wasn’t going to be a short flight. I applaud the pilot for his actions looking out for all passengers. And I fail to see how it cost the poor doctors $2,000. Guaranteed, they would have been happy with the decision too if it wasn’t their child

  • Heidi

    I agree with the pilot! My last flight from DC to AZ was awful due to the family in front of us. Nothing was done about it. The youngest child kept crying and calling out to the mom and she litterally sat and ignored the child. Lazy parenting. There is much of that now. Point is good for the Pilot. I am sure there was more that went on that the parents aren’t saying.

  • Elizabeth

    The bottom line is – anything NOT restrained during take-off, landing, and emergencies may become dangerous to all passengers on board. My assumption is that Mom and Dad didn’t bring along the kids car seat ( a familiar restraint device to all children ) for the flight.
    I’m going to assumer there was a lack of planning and preparing for this event on the parents part. I suspect as well that Mom and Dad didn’t pack diversional toys/books, etc.. Mom and Dad – you should be ashamed of yourself. Jet Blue – BRAVO

    Sign me – both a frequent flyer and a Mom that LOVES to fly with her toddler.

  • Pat Versteeg

    BRAVO!!! I am sick and tired of the rest of the world having to tolerate undisciplined children. We all pay for our seats and should not have to endure the tamtrums of tikes.

  • http://MSN POPE PAUL


  • boblin

    Bravo, Jet Blue. Glad to see the airlines sticking up for all the passengers on the plane. I watched the mother of the child on the video and she seems to think that the plane should have waited how ever long it took for her child to settle down. She sees nothing wrong with the plane having to wait for her family. She needs to open her eyes and see that her family needed to be removed from the plane. Take some of the money that she earns from being a doctor and try taking some parenting classes instead of a trip for the family. It might be more useful than the trip.

  • Cholee30

    No one ever says, “WOW, I didn’t hear that kid once!” There are thousands of kids that fly everyday, that do not act out and throw tantrums, but you only hear about the few that do. Get over it, not every flight is smooth sailing. Sometimes you are delayed, sometimes there is mechanical trouble, sometimes you sit next to the smelly guy, and sometimes a kid cries. It’s a fact of flying.

    • chissus

      I’ve flown with both kinds of children and listened to how the parents handle the situation. The quieter ones with manners have better parents that the brats. I support the pilot

  • Retired Colonel

    The judgement of an Airline Transport Pilot Captain easily trumps that of two doctors combined. He/She made the right call.

  • Toni

    Poor Child, probably not with parents much..with a Nanny..who are these two people and why do I have to mind them???????

  • http://none Anonmymous

    If you buy a plane ticket, you are agreeing to share a confined space with over 200 other people, so you are not entitled to privacy, you are not entitled to quiet, you are entitled to kids who may get antsy, people who talk too loud, people who smell, and people who drink too much… I can keep going… so get over it.

    The pilot kicked the family off the plane and the pilot needs his teeth kicked out of his mouth. Even steven.

    • chissus

      You must have spoiled children.

      • Elizabeth

        You ARE however, entitled to your SAFETY.
        Thus the reason the pilot returned this particular family to the gate.

  • sonia

    YES!!!! take away those terrible kids and their parents. We don’t have to stand them. Imagine that girl, now 2 yr old as a teenager?

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  • http://msn martha london

    I raised six busy and loud sons. This is classic entitlement being passed on down to the next generation. Did other parents have that difficult of a time?

  • danny meyer

    I support the pilot. Safety first. Glad he had the stuff to do it.

  • Don

    I think the most telling part is the mother saying that the 2-year old decided that “it was going to go a different way” Hmmm. Allowing a 2-year old to decide which way it’s going, doesn’t sound like parrenting to me. I’ve raised 2 kids, a son and a daughter, and they don’t decide, that’s the parrents role. I hope the parrents look at themselves in the mirror and start parrenting thier children.

  • marie

    Ms. Vieau, there is humanity and decency but not for parents who allow their two yo child to make a safety decision

  • Karen

    Lord, when my husband was discharged from the military and we was traveling back from Germany. this could have been us..my one year old was crying the whole 13 hour flight..the crew was walking her up and down the isle for us trying to help us…I am sure some of the people wanted to throw her off the plane..*(us included at this point)
    but to ask us to leave the plane, never I am afraid they would have taken us to airplane jail.

    • http://parents_of_crying_kids_must_die.com Richard

      if this “could” have been you, then you “could” also be horrible parents. as you just admitted you wanted to throw your own child off the plane and “airplane jail” will only make it worse you need some parenting classes, asap.
      the doctors in this story must have a phd in bad parenting with a minor in douche baggery. social services should check on these kids…i’m a doctor and was embarrassed the next day i went into work by their actions

  • Theresa

    What a wonderful world it would be if kids didn’t have tantrums and adults would shut up and get off their cell phones in public!

    • Dr. Tess Tickles

      I love how she “tries” to prove her kids learned something by asking her kid “what do we do when we get on the airplane?”, kid replies with “huh”. when the previous question asked was “is that delicious?” the kid clearly answers “yes”. so the bad mom tries to quickly recover by answering her own question and then the clip ends abruptly. this is proof positive these parents suck and the kids are spoiled little rats !

      • Elizabeth

        Dr Tess,
        Even more interesting that Mom’s a Pediatrician!!!

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