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City Councilor Not Concerned over Florida Ruling on Red Light Cameras

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) –It’s been approved by the City Council, the Mayor, and now has been sent to Boston awaiting approval. If passed, the “Red Light Camera Bill” could put cameras in lights at some of the city’s busiest intersections. “Page Blvd. & Roosevelt is a problematic intersection. Parker and Boston Rd. is another one. There are many where city engineers and police would say look, we’ve got a problem” said Springfield City Councilman Tom Ashe.

Ashe has been hard at work trying to get the legislation passed. This comes on the heels of a Florida judge recently ruling the cameras unconstitutional.

Ashe isn’t worried about that bearing on the house’s decision. “It’s gone through It’s other levels and proven to be fair and lawful so I’m  not concerned as that incident in Florida but the powers that be in Boston would consider that” he said.

Even though they are a safety measure, Springfield drivers have mixed emotions about being caught on candid camera.

Wilfredo Figueroa of Springfield likes it. “I think it’s a good idea to put cameras on every corner if it’s possible. Too many things going on around the city” he commented. However Carlos Rivera was a bit skeptical. “To make money.  That’s what it’s coming down to. To make money. Period” stated the Springfield resident.

“It’s a good idea to put cameras into the lights. These hours everybody wants to go home faster and there can be a lot of accidents and things so nobody can stop” Jose Rosario added.

If this bill does pass, it could set the precedent for other towns and cities in the commonwealth to do the same.  Currently there is no set date, for the house to pass the legislation.

In addition to safety, Councilman Ashe says the tickets given from the cameras could generate millions of dollars in revenue for Springfield.