Black Bear Invasion Upsets Neighbors

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) – Seeing wildlife in the woods can be exciting but seeing wild animals in your backyard, that’s a different story.  Janel Jorda of Northampton says her property has been torn up by black bears several times.

“They’ve ripped apart our wooden trash enclosure,” said Jorda.  “They have damaged and run over our landscape lighting.  Last week they ripped open our chain-link fence, knocked over a fountain and broke it.”

Janel says the bears are attracted because a neighbor is feeding them.  Thomas Wooster told us off-camera that he used to put out bird feed but not anymore.  He says everyone in the area has been affected by the bears over the years, but it’s not his fault.

“It’s strange and amazing that when you think about it, there’s no law even in Massachusetts, full of bears saying you can’t feed them,” said Jorda.  “You can’t feed wildlife and endanger them or yourself.”
Janel isn’t the only one bothered by the bears.  Other residents have experienced similar situations.  Bears are coming out of the nearby woods looking for that food.

“This isn’t just me.  There’s children that live across from me that were eating outside and the bears came upon them on their porch one day,” Jorda said.

David Fuller of Massachusetts Wildlife says his team has tracked the bears to Wooster’s house.  But another reason they might be attracted to communities is because of unprotected trash.  An ordinance to stop people from feeding bears is in drafting stages in the town.

  • http://none Ben Powers

    Maybe there are bears in your yard because you live in the woods. When you live in the woods this happens. Bears come for bird food, trash anything. If you can’t be safe and co exist with the bears maybe you should be moved or relocated.

  • momma

    Remember you chose to live there most likely because of the nature. Well you chose to live in their home so this is what happens. Its just as if I decided to take up residence in your house. Would you be very happy. The problem is to them its like going to the grocery store instead of doing the harder job of hunting. Good luck.

  • The Truth

    Who lived there first and had their environment taken away from them.people need to remember that living near in the woods.where are animals going to move too.

  • Dee Surf

    You people just don’t get it! This woman has a neighbor intentionally feeding Bears! They know they can get this food from her neighbor, so it is because of her neighbor, that these bears are constantly coming through her property! It’s not because “she lives in the woods”! How can you not get this situation: When a neighbor is constantly feeding bears – and the only way the bears can get to this neighbor, is through this woman’s yard – and her property is constantly damaged because if it – an ordinance needs to be passed to make it illegal to feed wildlife! God! This woman deals with this every single day of her life! See this situation for what it is here people! It’s not because this woman lives in the woods!