Former Springfield Police Officer Jeffrey Asher Sentenced to Jail

Jeffrey Asher (left) listens as ADA Elizaebth Dunphy Farris speaks at Asher's sentencing hearing Tuesday.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB) – Former Springfield Police Officer Jeffrey Asher is sentenced to 18 months of jail time to the house of correction.

Judge Maureen Walsh imposed the sentence Wednesday in Chicopee District Court.

Jeffrey Asher showed little emotion as the sentenced was handed down.

Asher was convicted last month of assault and battery and assault and battery with a with a dangerous weapon, a flashlight, in the arrest of Melvin Jones of Springfield in November of 2009.

The incident was recorded on video by a neighbor and became a major piece of evidence in the case.

Prior to the sentence, Jones read an impact statement to the court saying he’s still haunted by what happened that night.

Jones says Jeffrey Asher needs to be held responsible,”Today I’m here to say I think he needs to go to jail, it’s not fair what happened to me,” says Jones.

Jones says he is still partially blind in one eye as a result of being repeatedly hit by Asher,”No matter what somebody does, nobody deserves to be beat like a dog, some type of animal in a cage, I’m not an animal in a cage,” says Jones.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Dunphy Farris recommended an 18-month direct sentence to the house of correction combined with probation once Asher is released and treatment for anger management issues,”Sentencing in this case, it is the commonwealth’s position should first include assessing the level of injury to the named defendant Melvin Jones and then determining the fair and appropriate punishment for such injury,” says the prosecutor.

Asher’s attorney Joseph Monahan asked the judge for a two year probation sentence.”Even though it’s an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, it’s an assault and battery committed by a law enforcement officer in the line of duty with no malice or any ill will to a person he didn’t even know,” says Monahan.

In the end the judge agreed with the prosecutor and imposed the 18-month direct sentence which Asher begins serving immediately.


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  • catherinef

    Good because people shouldn’t have to fear the people who are supposed to protect and serve. Their authority is a privilege not a right. They took an oath then abide by it don’t be a hyprocrit. What kind of morality and integrity test do they have to pass?

  • Hoodie Punk

    Ya,when they deal with scumbags all day.and when someone tries to take your gun and take your head off let’s see what you do.i would of shot the a-hole career criminal.lets see he is a thief,sells dope,beats women real nice guy.also Asher came to the screaming for help call from other police officers.so who is the hypocrit.if you were Asher you would have let him kill you.this case would never be heard if Asher was black.reverse racism you bet.

  • http://@g smitty

    I dont think he should have gotten any jail time the police have a lot of stress on the job

  • catherinef

    The COURT has made their ruling! Reverse racism lol u take an oath to wear that badge I don’t care if u are having the worst day it does not allow u to abuse ur authority…the truth is in the tape they watched so that is bs him trying to take his gun just a cover up so I guess ya both justify the soldier who went
    on a rampage and the volunteer night watchsmen too yea that nights watchmans job was sooooo stressful

  • catherinef

    At least jones is a known career criminal but do you pay attention to ashers repeat offenses if he is that stressed at his job then it isn’t healthy for him to work there even if it was a white kid sellin ecstacy pills and crystal meth it doesn’t matter no one should be beatin til they are partially blind

  • Scumbag jones

    Your Right the police should have shot him.maybe they should put mr.jones in same cell with Asher.my money is on Asher.if I was a jail guard I would love to watch jones get his azz beat.One less scumbag that society would have to worry about.

  • momma

    D. A. ‘S office spent way to much time and money on this case. Hope they prosecute mr jones with the same gung ho attitude. asher at least didn’t beat up anyone to steal from them or sell drugs to kids. but then again mr mastrionni hasn’t exactly been supportive of spd and their work or his predecessors job. Bennett at least tried to put the criminals away. Good luck to him he may not be reelected if he dosent put some actual criminals away.

  • DICK

    Whats the over/under on how long it will take for Jones to find himself arrested again??? I say 1 month… He is a career criminal

  • catherinef

    I should’ve known you were some type of authority figure mayb he will b back in jail that’s his problem it still doesn’t give him the right to beat that man down like that
    asher is a scumbag and the courts seen it exactly why he is in jail lol my money is on u being part of a cover up too birds of a feather flock together ya so worried about drug dealin well who do u think puts drugs on the street? Melvin sure didn’t go to mexico ya want us to kill ourselves cuz either way the gov make money does fast and furious ring a bell to you mr saint?

  • catherinef

    I can name a few scumbags in spfld and they don’t look like melvin jones lol chris asselin is one there is so much corruption and cover ups in spfld they takin thousands from us and u worried about his petty drug money lol worry about that ct police station and their hiring scandal

  • catherinef

    I guess you would justify the time not too long ago that he beat that principle who he rhought was using drugs but was having an asthma attack…people like this make the world worse than what it is because all they do is get a slap on the wrist I hope that fat bastard run into all the people he beat up and plant stuff on behind those bars but fatty gon be protected funny how they hide behind that badge cause a head on fight will get they butt and their feelings hurt I’m d