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Student of Character: Alyssa Werbicki

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB) — On the soccer field, Chicopee Comprehensive High School senior, Alyssa Werbicki, is all business. She scored 17 points junior year, her team won the Western Massachusetts Championship, she was named MVP and she was team captain this season.

“Commitment to the game is incredible,” said her coach, Noel Carvalho. “It separates her from the other kids. Her ability to make other players around her better athletes, student athletes, is a great thing.”

“I definitely take all my anger, everything that I have inside of me, I just put it on the field and leave it there,” said Werbicki.

Off the field, Werbicki’s all smiles, especially when she’s helping out students with special needs.

“My brother has a learning disability that he got from food allergies and probably more things that we don’t know about,” said Werbicki. “And slowly he’s getting better.”

“Seeing my mom over the years helping him just made me want to help kids like him.”

Guidance Counselor Donna Hall Adams said Werbicki was very clear from the start about wanting to work with special needs kids as a career. And knowing her better now, she knows she’s made the right choice.

“She’s very caring.” said Adams. “Always happy. Always pleasant. Definitely always willing to help out anybody anytime, whether it’s a student, a teammate or a teacher.”

Werbicki’s dream is to open a daycare that brings together kids with and without special needs. She believes the experience would be a lesson in itself.

“They’re people just like me and you,” said Werbicki. “They just learn differently.”

  • Jeff Johansmeyer

    How do I nominate a student for student of character?