Protestors Gather in Honor of Trayvon Martin

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Hoodies were held high today, all in honor of Trayvon Martin. Nearly 1,000 People marched in downtown Springfield, blanketing the steps of City Hall in Honor of the slain teen.

The 17-year-old was killed last month by by Neighborhood Watchman George Zimmerman while he walked through his father’s gated community, armed only with a bag of Skittles and an iced tea.

The march was organized by the Alliance of Black Professionals, who hoped to shed some light on a rarely discussed issue.

Event organizer Natasha Clark said, “I hope it does open up some of the dialogue issues about racism in this country. They are really uncomfortable conversations, absolutely. But to deny that they exist is even worse.”

Calvin Feliciano of Springfield attended the march for the sake of future generations.
“We’re out here for our babies. For our kids. They took that kid’s life at 17 years-old because of the color of his skin, and it’s time we stop. It’s time we stand up.”

Supporters at City Hall made it clear that they all shared one goal — justice.

“The stand your ground law was for Trayvon. he was there to defend himself against an unknown stranger stalking him with a loaded gun” stated Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera (D) Springfield. “They just want the Florida criminal justice system to due diligence. If it was me, and I went out and shot someone, I would be in jail” added Denise Jordan of Springfield.

Today Civil Rights leaders at a rally in Floriday vowed that they will not stop protesting until Zimmerman is arrested.

“If we’re honest, just truly honest with ourselves, then we know Trayvon died just because of the color of his skin. And it’s sad…it’s very sad” added Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera.

The “Stand Your Ground” bill is being proposed here in Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick vowed to veto the legislation.

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  • Jeanne

    I am so sick and tired of hearing that word “racism”! It’s one human being killing another. We don’t have ALL the evidence! Only a judge and jury have the right to convict this man and only after hearing all the evidence. We are only hearing bits and pieces of what happened through the media. People have him convicted and sentenced, the Black Panthers have a contract out on his life! What is this world coming to.

    What about the South Carolina high school soccer player brutally beaten by an opposing team player. Do we see “Whites” protesting in the streets, screaming racism? This was a Black teen who held this girl down and punched her at least 11 times before she was pulled off by officials. No, maybe we should.

    Time to put on your “big pants” people!

    • Mykel

      Was the Black teen arrested? Charges filed? Probably. That’s the difference.

    • Bostonmom

      I agree with the above comment. The “black teen” to assaulted the other team memeber I’m sure was arrested and recieved some sort of punishment for her behavior. And that is the difference! Had Trayvon been white and Zimmerman been black, I’m sure Zimmerman would have been arrested and charged on the spot. This is about racism.

  • Racism For All

    Well how come it is not on national news about two African American teenagers that poured gas on a young boy and lit him on fire.and the police won’t call it a hate crime.where is the justice for that boy with 2nd and 3rd degree burns he suffered.where is his hoodie and where is Obama,spike lee,al sharpton.i wonder if it because of color of skin.get over it there is good and bad in every color.

  • Racism For All

    Exactly and why did all of you not hear about.and yes he was white.maybe you did not hear about because he was white and the story wouldn’t cause hatred that the news loves to start.i am white and I am not a bigot but if someone was trying to hurt or kill me yes I would protect myself and family not caring what color they are.you just can not except maybe it was self defense.and yes maybe it was.we all do not know all the facts so stop.

    • Jeanne

      Actually Zimmerman is half white, half hispanic.

  • Lead by Example

    What about Obama one of his good friends is spike lee that is a known fact hates white people.obama goes to parties and fundraisers with a known racist.then in this case spike lee gives out wrong address of elderly couple.why was he even giving out address to promote violence.Obama should be trying to stop racism and not standing next to a racist who promotes it .

  • You are racist

    You are full of B.S. where did you come up with that one Al Sharpton.there is an example right there of racism.and if Bush did at least he didn’t stand next to them in white house.also Michelle Obama has stated to secret service and white house aides that she hates white people.

  • Racist moron

    You are a racist idiot.just remember its Obama’s fault and your friend spike lee.whose lying your friend al sharpton that makes a living taking African Americans money.he is a millionaire thanks to spreading lies and hate.remember that girl that lied about being raped he never said sorry to those boys he crucified.keep sending money so he can make you look like a fool.

  • Spike Lee

    The media feeds us your crap.people like you can never except just maybe it was self defense.hate to tell you but look at crime statistics there is more hate crimes on whites.but whites don’t keep it up with complaining because no one listens.and if they do it’s racism.so please i could care less what you cry about.does it make you feel better you protested.hope you protest when a white is murdered to.or you a racist.

  • Spike Lee

    Gee I just read a story in Boston a black man murdered a white man as he attempted to rob store.i wonder if he shot him cause he was white.i think you should protest for that white man.Could this be a hate crime.and why is my talk is disrespectful because I disagree about your racism towards whites.

  • Spike Lee

    Well it’s wrong that a poor white was murdered going into a store.do you that was wrong.Unity remember that poor white man had a hoodie to.i hope that black man gets the death penalty or will he claim racism made him kill a unarmed white man.there is racism in blacks and whites just ask spike lee,and al sharpton,and the list goes on.

  • Spike Lee

    No they looking for him.all I am trying to say is there is good and bad in all colors.everytime someone white or black is killed we should be protesting against all stupid murders that hurt us all and stop blaming it on race.because we are one.when I was in Iraq my unit was black and white and we all protected and cared for each other.that was my family.and when one of us was in need we all helped.they all black and white were my brothers and still are.

  • momma

    This is more of a person deciding to take the law into their own hands and killing someone to me color is not the issue. The issue is this person was let go the authorities decided the evidence said self defense. Last I knew the police were to investigate and give the info to those that do decide the actual charges if any. This man was let go without the proper procedures being followed. Last I was informed neighborhood watch means to watch and report. He did that was told to back off and did not. He chose to become the neighborhood shooter. Do you want someone like that supposedly helping to protect your neighborhood? We need to get all the facts but what that man did was still wrong. His family is making it worse by all of their talk. He needs to turn himself in for proper processing. His lawyer should just be saying no comment or only commenting regarding his client,bad mouthing the victim is just plain stupid. Mr. Zimmerman needs to do the right thing. Let a judge and jury decide but at this point anything brought to the court by the sanford pd is not credible as far as I am concerned. They will only be trying to cover their own asses.

  • SDM

    This stuff happens all over America all the time… Only reason your hearing anything about this case is because they have great pictures of him being the perfect child 5 years ago. Picture perfect for a tantalizing media bit. I wish black people, white people or whoever would stop the “woe is me, woe is me” quit bitching and actually start raising better people to contribute to society.

  • chris

    Ya know everyone’s talking its not this and that clearly as stated after the March police and civilians ate letting off at our People as if we are Target practice and are getting away with it especially down south and on the 911 call dispatchers tell Zimmerman ” don’t follow…” But yet he does I know someone that was minority convicted in Hampshire county. Over a decade ago defending himself against 3 individuals and a jury found him guilty because the prosecutor said after the defendant was articles he didn’t have to get out of the car and beat them 3 up yet he didn’t have 911 on Tue phone telling him to stay back and that was also racially motivated due to the girl he was with but difference is Zimmerman had many places to run if he felt a threat and in my opinion besides emphasizing so much Trayvon was black he seemed to be looking for approval to shoot him not to mention although in pictures he ( Zimmerman ) looked fine even if he did take an ASAP whooping from a 17 year old doesn’t give the right to shoot and as for those commenting on the Black Panther…all I can say is this been going on too long Tue loan said they will take high positions in politics and every court Nd make people pay “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth “

  • Chris is part of it

    Our people,target practice,you my friend is why there is race hatred.ok here we go your people target practice on yourselves and innocent children and elderly.go march your your crap to a different drummer.

  • Darin

    It’s scary when politicians inject themselves into pending or impending litigation/ investigations. There is a specific reason for the separation of powers. Besides, Rivera would better serve us by focusing on MA laws rather than FLA’s laws, which she has no bearing on.

  • Lee


  • All Colors

    Thank you Lee first comment about us all joining as one equal.alot of us white and black are all in the same boat money,jobs,housing,medical,family issues.so we all need to get along blaming racism for problems and get through these problems together instead of fighting and stop arguing whose fault it is.

  • Jaime

    People can be SO ignorant! I swear! Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old boy that was walking home from the store & had skittles & Arizona ice tea on him & was racially profiled as being suspicious because 1… He was black 2…. He had a hoodie on.. Zimmerman chased him down & shot an unarmed boy just because of the way he looked! Than Zimmerman tried to lie & get away with it by saying ” he had a broken nose & bump on his head! The tape that was shown Zimmerman walking in the police station .. He didn’t have a scratch on him! It’s sickening for people to justify this is ANY way shape or form!!! There is NO case that you could possibly compare this too!!! I don’t care what ANYBODY say!!! If tables were turned and Trayvon shot Zimmerman! Trayvon would be in jail today!!! BTW NOT only black people are protesting this!!! White people , Spanish people are doing this too!!! I’m a white woman with Biracial children! My son has an Afro & wears hoodies! Does that mean someone could just shoot my son just because he looks suspicious? NO it doesn’t give ANYBODY the right too kill anyone!!! Zimmerman was NOT a cop & he was told to keep his sorry a$$ in that car & he got out & chased him anyways!!! The problem with this world today is ignorant people that justifies what Zimmerman did!!!! Trayvon is a 17 year old boy who was taken away from his parents too early!!! How would you like it if that were your son???

  • strengthwhereitcounts

    Omg people! :( I’m tired of all the race talk, white vs black stuff! There are so many other cultures & racism goes far beyond black & white! This is why We All Fail (as a people) Treyvon did not deserve to die, & hate crime or not, this matter should have been taken care of properly! The fact that it wasn’t has stirred up so much trouble, causing us to fight rather than stand together! Ppl stop getting upset cuz others are protesting for treyvon. Everyone is free of their own choices, so pushing all these other cases on here just BC its about Treyvon is unnecessary! This is not “tick for tack” guys, please! Oh & PS: Whites kill Whites, Blacks kill Blacks, damn actually people of every race, ethnicity, sex, creed & class kill those similar & different backgrounds! Yall get my drift?!?!?!