Jay DiRico Ordered Released to Parents Custody in Police Assault Case

(CHICOPEE, Mass.) (WGGB)–A dangerousness hearing was held Friday in Chicopee District Court for a 40-year old man accused of assaulting a police officer.

Jay DiRico is charged with assaulting officer Jeffrey Couture.

Couture took the stand and described the events of Sunday April 15th.

Officer Couture said he went to Jay DiRico’s home to help DiRico’s girlfriend remove some of her belongings from the house.

Couture said while he was inside the home, DiRico assaulted him by pinning him down and repeatedly punching him.

The police officer said DiRico stopped punching him  when the officer said if you don’t stop I’ll shoot you.

Couture needed 10  stitches to close a cut in his lip and inner mouth area.

Also taking the stand was the woman who had been living with DiRico.

She said  she was afraid of DiRico, that he verbally abused her and physically assaulted her five times during the five months she was living with him.

The woman described the confrontation between DiRico and officer Couture saying she saw DiRico punching Officer Couture.

Jay DiRico then showed the court two bruises, one on the left side of his chest and the other on his left ankle that he says police inflicted on him.

Jay DiRico’s father Tom told the court that  Jay has medical problems including a large blood clot on his right leg and that he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

DiRico’s lawyer Timothy Mannion asked the judge to release DiRico into the custody of his parents.

The judge agreed  with conditions including no drinking.

DiRico will remain in lock-up until at least next week when an electronic monitoring device becomes available.


  • momma

    Oh poor baby has to have daddy speak for him. Medical problems and ptsd to bad, I’m guessing his parents think its ok that he has terrorized women frequently and that he thinks its ok to always use his fists. The must belong to the same brand of parenting as melvin jones family always a reason for their sons to be jerks and everyone else is wrong. These are grown men tobad mommy and daddy haven’t made them grow up and take responsibility for their own stupidity.