Woman is Stabbed on a Springfield Street and It’s Caught on Camera

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) –  Shocking video is released as a woman walking into a store on Belmont Avenue Friday night with her four year old daughter is attacked by a man with a knife. 

Springfield Police say that the man demanded the woman’s purse but she ran away, but then the man grabbed the girl. 

The girl also managed to get away so he went after the woman again. 

As the woman tried to get in the store, he slammed the door on her and that was when stabbed her in the collar bone area, according to police. 

The man took off but people on the street and in the store chased after the man. However, the suspect got away. 

The woman was treated and released from Baystate Medical Center. 

She and the other witnesses are now helping police track down the attacker. 

If you recognize the man or have any information about what happened your asked to call police or text them an anonymous tip at CRIMES or 274637. In the message type the word SOLVE and then your tip.

  • c

    Am I the only one shocked to see a mother flee an attacker and leave her baby behind? No one should be put into that situation but my jaw hit the floor when I saw the mother run and leave her daughter..

    • Mary Rojas

      how in the world does this woman thinks of leaving her child behind? really??? I cant help than to more upset at the mother for the lack of parental instincts than the individual who stabbed her!

      • Lindy

        My thoughts exactly, Mary. As a mother I find her actions disgusting. Did you also notice she allowed her four-year-old daughter to ride in the front seat of the car without a carseat? Perhaps her child’s safety isn’t an overwhelming priority like it is for the rest of us.

        • Ashlee

          I was thinking the exact same things. She lets her daughter ride in the front seat of the car, and then her priorities when she gets attacked “save myself” wow. i am in shock right now. its disgusting. thank god that poor baby didn’t get hurt.

    • Christine

      ummm that’s the first thing I noticed as well! I don’t care if you have a butcher knife to me I’m gonna fight to the bitter end to make sure my child gets away !!

    • lchausse

      This video is UNBELIEVABLE in so many ways!!!!! He prayed on the weakest people he could find because he’s a little b!$(@. And I am absolutely appalled that ANY mother would run away from her daughter and leave her there when some deranged man is coming after her with a knife then decides to run into the store and leave the poor girl out there. I hope the Department of Family Services offers this poor girl services because who can she depend on if her own mother can’t even keep her safe. So disturbing!!!! And people who deserve to have kids…can’t. What a world.

  • AHall

    Omg I was saying the same thing!!!

    • Swears

      I am as shocked as the rest of you. Running away and leaving your daughter behind? That poor kid, being raised by a coward.

  • Aquarius

    ^^Thank you. That is exactly what I was thinking. I get that the woman was terrified and it all happened so quick. I don’t understand how you leave your four year old to be stabbed while you run to save your own life. Tops the story that was just on the news of the mother being blasted on the web and TV for bringing her daughter into a tanning room.

    Lastly, why is Springfield always negative news? More must go on than killings, rapes, stabbings, etc…

  • Tara m

    Um yeah, almost worse than the guy attempting to mug her. Shame on her!

  • Becky

    Omg!!.. I have a little girl and my first reaction would be to crab my kid and run!.. Or even try to atack him!!.. Geesh!!.. Poor little girl!!.. I have seen this video 2 times and the second I was more shocked and ticked than the first!!!… If u look at the little girl she is stumbling and scared!!!…. Just sad the a mom would think about her self and not protect her young as nature untended!!

    • Maggie

      I agree it was heartbreaking to see that little girl looking so scared and helpless with her little stuffed animal. Poor thing!

  • Rosa

    Wow!!! I can’t believe she ran and left her baby behind!!! I don’t care how scared I would be I would NEVER leave my helpless child behind!!! My instinct as a mother would be to protect my child!!! And myself as well! Unbelievable!!!!

  • Abagail r

    Terrible that she would leave her daughter like that why is there no story about the mother doing that? The coward

  • Maggie

    Are you serious?! How could you leave your child like that! I was more appalled by that than anything else in this video! That mother should have protected her child no matter what.

  • kristin

    OMG! That is seriously messed up. She leaves her daughter twice & she had a 4 yr old riding in the front seat so obviously not Mother of the Year to begin with. I.’m a Mama Bear that would always defend my daughter to my death.

  • Brian podmore

    She got what she deserved. If you’re dumb enough to live in Springfield, you’re just a case of natural selection.

  • Sean

    This seems fake. Seriously? The first instinct (and I’m not a father) would be to protect my daughter. AND THEN the girl gets away? C-mon. He could have used her as leverage. And then she’s running to the building and he’s chasing her and not her daughter? This seems fishy to me.

  • Shocked!

    Not only did she leave her child behind almost throwing her in the front but that 4 yr old also got out of the front seat of that car! Where is her car seat???????????

  • Bree

    Hey go easy on her. Not a lot of training in stab proofing yourself and your kids goes on in Western MA…
    How was she going to save either of them if she’s dead? The man was after her, not the kid. If she stood there, she was a sitting duck. And so was her child.
    Think about this, if she was on a plane, the experts say you should put your oxygen mask on first.

  • Jennifer diaz

    I,am disgusted that she sould abandon her child where is dcf. I understand she was terrified but she,left her child 3 times even after he put a knife to her as well ugh ugh smdh

  • jlo

    Glen should be a springfield pd rat swriously grow the balls and report them instead of anonymously throaimg store names around. Some of these businesses u mention are owned by very nice struggling people such as dickenson deli. Do u know that man hes very sweet and puts up with alot of bullshit give them some credit asswipe. And Brian se of us still have hope sprimgfield will change us living here does not mean we deserve harm or death jackSs

  • Pam

    Mommy better hope DSS doesn’t see this video. 4 years old in the front seat. No car seat…leave your child on a busy street with the attacker??? I see animals protect their young better than this mother did. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • mich

    there are no excuses for this woman not defending her child she is a coward and cleary should not have children.

  • Gram413

    This man could have kidnapped her daughter. This lady is stupid leaving her daughter behind to get killed shit I would have grabbed my child and run so fast and that man would have to kill me and my child.

  • Jane

    Too Funny…. Dan that’s why this city is they way it is for people like you that don’t have anything positive to say…. The truth is some of those “GOOD” neighborhoods those are the ones that we need to pay close attention..Sex predators, child molesters……and much more….. Some of the biggest Worst Crime offenders History are White…. so I don’t think is time to blame races for this crime…..Think before you talk……

  • Dan

    @jane….Oh my post was the only negitive one?? Yours or anyone elses positive? Youre a brite one Jane.

    Yes, there are sex offenders and child molesters in every community. But there are no hookers, crack dealers, garbage in the streets, loud music, broken windows, stabbings, shootings, rapes, gangs, beatings etc (could go on all day) in my neighborhood. Anyone could walk down my street and feel safe. Kids bikes have been left in the front yard for weeks now and no one stole it. My door stays unlocked. Havent used a house key in months.

    So, its not about me being ignorant. It is you and you community who is ignorant. I choose to live like i do, and you choose to live like you do.

    But I find work everyday. I will pick trash off the street. I will report suspicious behavior. I will discipline my children. I will be responsible for my actions and the actions of my family. I will be a role model for anyone younger than me. I will hold the door for the next man. I will always respect women. I still listen to my parents advice.

    It takes a little effort, but really you could live in a safe place too.

  • Hey

    Hey Dan you stay in your neighborhood we don’t want you near ours and when we are done here we will be coming for yours so be ready cause you people are the main customers for the crack and heroin you are prob a custy yourself with a hooker for a wife and daughter hooked on something and dreaming of black men.

  • Doodlebug2222

    The man that did this – is a total coward. He waits for someone he knows he can mug, and holds her daughter hostage – even if it’s just for a few moments. Then he stabs the woman as she is trying to get into the store for help. So, what was so important to this man, he had to do allll of this? What fix ? What item to buy? How much does he seriously thing a woman with a small child carries on her.

  • jacobmichael

    Oh, good grief! Just give the guy your purse! It’s not worth risking your life or your child’s.