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Some Fear Zombie Apocalypse

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A recent spate of gruesome incidents has fueled talk online and elsewhere about a “zombie apocalypse.”

The horrifying incidents, including the case of a Florida man who chewed off part of another man’s face, are anything but funny. But America seems fascinated: The Daily Beast has assembled a Google Map tracking “instances that may be a precursor to a zombie apocalypse.”

Even the federal agency that tracks diseases has said it has no evidence of any zombie-linked health crisis.

Elizabeth Bird, an anthropologist at the University of South Florida, says zombies are uniquely terrifying. Bird says zombies are doomed creatures, meaning they resonate in a world where many people feel as though we are moving toward an ending, amid economic crises and fears of bioterrorism.

The Centers For Disease Control issued a statement regarding zombies over the weekend.

  • jess89

    my dad shared this link on facebook.
    i don’t know how this became public but I heard it was hacked this morning.
    it looks like someone isn’t giving us the real story. Are these cannibal zombies real?
    I hope we will stay safe