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The Heat is on….. Again!


SPRINGFIELD, MASS (WGGB) Get ready for the heat! Temperatures will be back over 90 for the next few days. So far this season temperatures have reached to 90 or higher 16 time. We hit 90 once in May, 5 times in June and 10 time in July. The highest temperature so far this season was on July 17th when we hit 98. We also hit 97 on June 20th. It doesn’t look as though it will get quite that hot this time around but we can expect temperatures to reach into the lower 90s as we head into the weekend. Things will cool down by the start of next week. Keep the ACs cranking and stay cool. Have a great day! Dan Brown

  • kevintb

    Its better then 2 feet of snow anyday!

  • 06012011

    I’ll take 70/50 or snow. No humidity