Harvard Police Say NonStudent Raped on Campus

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Harvard University police say they are increasing patrols with uniformed and plainclothes officers around campus after a woman reported being raped in Harvard Yard.

The Boston Globe reports that police said in a statement the woman walked into Harvard Yard through the Johnson Gate at about 3 a.m. Friday and was grabbed and pulled behind Massachusetts Hall and attacked.

The police statement said the woman wasn’t a student or affiliated with Harvard.

Police said the woman described her attacker as a dark-haired, “very tanned” man in his mid-20s, with a medium build, and wearing a white shirt.

AP-WF-08-11-12 0039GMT

  • paulb62

    I would live keep to know what was she doing out at 3 in the morning by herself, and just happens there is someone hiding in the shadows waiting for her to walk through there. Sounds a little fishy.
    Not doubting she was raped but look at this with an open mind