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Deadline Near for Mass. License Plate Lottery

BOSTON (AP) — Time is running out for drivers hoping to nab a coveted low-number license plate lottery.

The deadline for applying to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for 124 low-number plates, including 73, 295, 449, 493 and 1Z is fast approaching.

Applications are available at all RMV branches and online, but must be mailed and postmarked this Monday, Aug. 13.

Postcard entries will not be accepted. Only one entry per applicant will be accepted.

Registrar Rachel Kaprielian (kuh-PREEL’-yun) says the agency expects thousands of applications for the plates, considered a mark of prestige by some.

The final drawing is yet to be determined but will be conducted before Sept. 15.

The RMV started the lottery several years ago in response to criticism that low-number plates only went to the politically connected.