MA Attorney Faces Federal Tax Evasion Charges

BOSTON (AP) — Federal authorities say they’ve charged a Massachusetts attorney with four counts of tax evasion.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston, 57-year-old Gregory Olchowski was paid nearly $200,000 under the table over several years while he was an officer for an unnamed Turners Falls company and did not report the additional income on his tax returns.

He’s also accused of hiding documents about the unreported income.

Court papers say Olchowski hid the documents after he was informed by the president of the company last year that the president was the subject of a federal investigation.

Olchowski has an office in Greenfield and lives in Colrain.

  • snuffy

    I used this guy to draw up wills for my husband and I, and after I divorced (and my ex died), I called him to get the info, and he had lost everything! He had charged a fortune to do the original work and was supposed to be the trustee. I then had to hire another attorney to clear up his mess! Cost me a fortune. He talked a good game (as all the slimeballs do, I suppose) but was useless when needed. I feel sorry for his ex wife and children as they have to suffer the embarrassment that he has caused. Hope he does some time. I am sick of all the financial ripoff artists!