Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Mobile Pay App

BOSTON (AP) — Dunkin’ Donuts has launched its first mobile pay application, allowing customers to forgo cash or plastic and just flash a smartphone.

Consumers can also use the free app to send virtual gift cards via text, email or Facebook.

Most of Massachusetts-based Dunkin’s 7,000 U.S. locations will accept the app.

Users can store and purchase Dunkin Donuts Cards on their iPhones, iPads or Androids and add money to the virtual cards, like customers do with plastic ones. But rather than offer a physical Dunkin’ card to the cashier, users open the app and pull up a barcode for the cashier to scan.

The app should speed up lines at Dunkin’ locations as users won’t have to wait for change or for their credit cards to be processed.

  • Trekman27

    I have been doing this at Starbucks for months now.

  • paulb62

    Just another source to make people stop using their brain!