Warren: Sen. Brown Distorting My Tax Proposals

BOSTON (AP) — Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has portrayed his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren as a “jobs destroyer” who backs $3.4 trillion in higher taxes.

Warren’s campaign responded Wednesday charging Brown with distorting her proposals by double-counting some tax hikes, inventing another and offering only one side of the fiscal ledger to come up with a higher total.

One of the most contentious is what Brown describes as an $88.5 billion “war tax.”

Warren has said the nation should cover the cost of wars as they are fought instead of pushing that cost onto future generations.

Brown’s campaign cited an $88.5 billion Defense Department estimate for the wars Iraq and Afghanistan in 2013.

Asked how Brown would pay for wars, a spokeswoman said he believes the nation’s security shouldn’t be held “hostage to dollars and cents.”