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Villamaino Resigns Amid Voting Registration Scandal


Capacity crowds fill the East Longmeadow Selectman Meeting Wednesday. Most were there to hear from the one person not in attendance- now former chariman Jack Villamaino. He resigned via email to town officials late Wednesday afternoon.

Villamaino wrote “Due to matters of a personal and familial nature, I am at this time unable to dedicate to the board of selectman the time and effort which it deserves.”

Voter’s weren’t surprised.

“I think it was fully expected. He had no other choice. He’s got a long road to hold ahead of himself,” Joseph St. Germain said.

“If it were me I’d be hiding in a fox hole,” Bob Hildreth said.

Villamaino and his friend Courtney Llewllyn are at the center of a massive voter fraud investigation. Hundreds of forged absentee ballot applications were submitted ahead of next month’s Republican primary. Villamaino is set to face Marie Angelides for a chance at state representative. Hundreds of voters’ party affilations were also changed from Democrat to Republican so they’d mistakenly receive ballots.

“The alleged actions cannot mean there is a large scale cancer of character,” Selectman Jim Driscoll said.

Driscoll and Paul Federici are the two remaining selectman. They told voters that daily town operations are still strong and urged voters to be confident. Still many feel the damage is done

“You want confidence in your town government,” Hildreth said. “This certainly knocked the heck out of that word confidence.”

“It’s upsetting. Its obviously hit at the heart of the town,” voter Tom Caliento said. “We love our town.”

Villamaino hasn’t returned our calls, leaving one big question.

“To do something stupid like that, I can’t believe he did it,” St. Germain said. “How did he expect to get away with it?!”

  • paulb62

    Jack couldn’t get the votes so he tried stacking the deck. Bad move. He involved another person or persons, most likely their lives will be ruined.
    Not only did he cause such a scandal, he embarrassed his family, lost a lot of faith from people in East Longmeadow. He ruined his life as well. Where can he go where he will be trusted. That trust is shattered.
    He comes from a large hard working family that I am sure is embarrassed over this fraud.
    He made the Board of Selectman look pathetic.
    He has caused a lot of hardship for people that work in the town office.
    How does an intelligent person even think of doing something of this magnitude and thinks he can get away with such a thing.
    Who ever else is involved has had their life’s ruined.
    I am sure there will be jail time for them.
    Now anyone running for any position in town will be really scrutinized when they run for office, because trust has been lost by people in town.

  • paulb62

    OK Pete Punderson, guess you will become a selectman sooner than you thought. At least we can have trust with Pete, who has grown up in town, has business in town and was a planning board member. He should be good for the town because he will be able to devote all his time to the office with no interruptions.