Amherst to Crank Up Underage Drinking Enforcement

AMHERST, Mass (WGGB)– It’s move-in week at UMass Amherst, and police are vowing to take a tough stance against underage drinking.

The Amherst Police Department announced Tuesday it would be increasing enforcement in areas of the town that historically experience a high number of alcohol violations. They promise additional patrols made up of uniformed, plain clothed, and bicycle patrol officers.

The mobilization, which will run from August 30th through September 30th, is funded by the Massachusetts 2012 Underage Alcohol Enforcement Grant Program.

  • paulb62

    Now to you really think added patrols plain clothes and bicycle patrols will have impact on underage drinking. All you are doing by making a public announcement is that they will seek out other places to go to drink.
    Let’s see there are probably 1000 students to 1 police officer, so what affect will that have drinking. All they are doing is spending money foolishly because the student’s will continue to drink no matter what officials do to try and deter underage drinking. Basically you would have to make Amherst a dry community to have any type of effect on drinking, which would not fly because of all the restaurants in Amherst.
    Only other solution student automatically thrown out of school and cannot go to any other state school. That might be a deterrent.

  • paulb62

    They still will do drugs but they won’t get an education.if parents are paying tution they won’t like it if their child gets thrown of school for drinking. So what do you do. They won’t stop the drinking but they may think twice if they have to tell dad they got thrown out for drinking!!!!