Once in a “Blue Moon”

SPRINGFIELD, MASS- (WGGB) There will be plenty of moonlit skies tonight. Not only will it be nice and clear but the moon will be full. The full “blue moon” will be rising at 6:39 this evening and will be lighting up the country side until it sets tomorrow morning at 5:13.  

The moon was full on August 1st (The full Sturgeon Moon) and because this is the second full moon of the month it’s referred to as “a blue moon.” The moon is full about once every 28 or 29 days so every so often there’s two full moons in one month. It won’t happen again until July 31, 2015.

Enjoy, it should be a great night for star and moon gazing!

Dan Brown


  • paulb62

    Gee I wonder where the saying”Once in a Blue Moon” came from!!!!!!