Wanted: Jesus Luciano, Serial Flasher

SPRINGFIELD (WGGB) – Police need your helping tracking down a serial flasher who likes targeting his female victims on public streets and their places of employment. 25 year-old Jesus Luciano was recently arrested in May but failed to show up at a second court appearance.

Police say Luciano inappropriately exposed himself to a female employee at a tanning salon on Wilbraham Rd. Luciano had gone in the salon, requesting to ‘see’ one of the tanning beds.

“The store clerk was becoming suspicious.” Sergeant John Delaney of the Springfield Police Department says. “When she turned around, he was exposing himself to her and asking her to come into the back room.”

The employee called the police and Luciano ran. The tanning salon incident prompted two more women to come forward, claiming Luciano has exposed himself to them as well – only it wasn’t in a store, it was outside on the sidewalk.

“The three came in and looked through thousands of photographs. They positively identified the suspect as Jesus Luciano.” Sgt. Delaney says.

Police spotted Luciano the day following the crime walking along Wilbraham Rd. When they approached him, Luciano ran. Police were able to chase him down, tackle and arrest him. Once in jail, police were informed Luciano had been picked up on surveillance at Louis and Clarke’s Pharmacy just 200 yards away from the tanning salon a week prior. The video showed two separate instances where Luciano came into the store and exposed himself to female workers.

Police say Luciano made bail, was released but didn’t show up for his next court date. He’s been locked up before on charges of breaking and entering and assault and battery. Police believe him to still be in Springfield. If you have any information text an anonymous tip to C-R-I-M-E-S.

  • paulb62

    Why do they give bail to these scum bags. They know they won’t show up for their court date. They should loose all their rights when they commit these crimes.
    If that happen to a judges family member, do you think they would be given bail. Hell no! The judge would find something to keep them in jail.

    • JACQUI

      it’s all about money…. they will give anyone bail… just to get that money… we have the worst distric attorney in new england… the police bring them in the district attorney.. and the lawyer under him.. will get them bail.. and the sorry judges just don’t care..

  • mynameischris

    Paulb you are like a broken record! Your posts always say the same thing. Scumbag this lose their rights that, if it happened to a judge blah blah blah. Come up with new comments

    • JACQUI

      you must be some kin to that peeping show… if that idiot show his self to women ..soon he will do it to kidssss.. what wrong with you…

  • anonymous777

    Hope he has fun exposing himself in the clink lol

  • MrsVelasquez

    Yuck! O_o