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Area Still a Bit Dry

 Springfield, Mass (WGGB) Western Massachusetts has had it’s share of thunderstorms over the last 6 weeks or so. The storms have brought some much needed rain to the area.

The month of August averaged above normal in terms of rainfall however it’s the only month of the year that has featured wet conditions. 2012 still has a rain deficit.  Drought conditions have improved however the area is still considered abnormally dry.


Here are the monthly rain totals for Hampden County.

January: 3.05″ -.96

February: 1.59″  -1.68

March: .96″  -3.23

April: 2.76″  -1.53

May: 3.80″ -.60

June: 3.82″ -.32

July: 2.52″  -1.76

August: 5.46″  +1.12