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NFL: Officials Made Correct Call in MNF

SEATTLE (AP) — The N.F.L. says the replacement refs got it right, well sort of.

In a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, the league ruled a “simultaneous catch”, with the tie going to the offensive player, and no conclusive replay evidence to overturn it. The statement did note a pass interference could have been called, but that’s not reviewable.

Pete Carroll says he doesn’t care about sentiments that the Seattle Seahawks’ win over the Green Bay Packers is a tainted victory because of a disputed call on the final play of the game.

During his weekly radio appearance Tuesday morning on KIRO-AM in Seattle, Carroll said he understands why there is so much outrage about the call that awarded Golden Tate a 24-yard touchdown reception and gave Seahawks’ a 14-12 win.

But he says the call ruling it a simultaneous catch, which awards the reception to the offense, was correct.

Carroll acknowledged that Green Bay defensive back M.D. Jennings had the advantage on the final play in the air, but said, “when we finished the catch we had the ball and they had the ball too, so it’s simultaneous.”

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  • paulb62

    They didn’t make the correct call. Pass interference should have been called. The defense made the catch. This season will end very bad.with team records being incodrect due to poor officiating.

  • ToddM

    Baloney, no simultaneous catch. The Seattle guy is on the bottom when the two go down and has no control. This besides the blatant push right in front of the ref’s eyes.