Chemist at Center of Mass. Crime Lab Problems Told Police She ‘Messed Up Bad’

By BRIDGET MURPHY, Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — A chemist at the center of a scandal at a Massachusetts drug lab admitted to investigators that she faked test results for two to three years, forged signatures and bypassed proper procedures, according to a state police report.

The report obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday indicates that Annie Dookhan told police several times that she knew what she had done was wrong and that she had “messed up bad.” She said it was her fault and she did not want the lab to get in trouble.

Dookhan’s alleged mishandling of drug samples at the lab has thrown thousands of criminal cases into question. She hasn’t been charged.

The report, first obtained by The Boston Globe, says Dookhan told an investigator she was going through a long divorce and had no money for an attorney.

  • paulb62

    Boy what a mess she is causing
    Alot of criminals will be getting out and back on the streets to do the same thing over.
    She is going to cause the police, the courts and other agencies a lot of work in the future.
    And who pays for this the taxpayers.