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Former State Police Lab Chemist Under Arrest

BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts chemist accused of faking drug test results and forging paperwork at a state police lab has pleaded not guilty to charges of obstruction of justice and falsely pretending to hold a degree.

The judge set bail at $10,000 for Annie Dookhan after her arrest Friday. She was expected to post bail. She has been ordered to turn over her passport and she will be monitored by GPS.

Dookhan’s alleged mishandling of drug samples prompted the shutdown of the Hinton State Laboratory Institute in Boston and resulted in the resignation of three officials.

State police say Dookhan tested more than 60,000 drug samples involving 34,000 defendants during her nine years at the lab. Defense lawyers and prosecutors are scrambling to figure out how to deal with the fallout.

  • dave629

    Justin, she got the job by playing as a pol stooge. She will be quietly exonerated like former senator Marzilli.

  • Mick

    No one checked to see if this woman actually held a degree from UMass and they’re now charging her with “pretending”? While it is very sleazy to claim having a degree to get a job when one does not have a degree, is it a crime? I’ve never heard of such a crime.

  • dave629

    Not a crime? How about fraud. I sure don’t like fraudulent characters on my payroll as a taxpayer.

  • anonymous777

    Wow u can get a chemist job in massachussetts without any degree and fake it as u make it for nine years without superiors finding out!!?? Uhmmm where do i sign up??