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Chicopee City Council Approves Graffiti Ordinance

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB) — The Chicopee City Council passed a new ordinance Tuesday evening that will help reduce graffiti.

Councilor James Tillotson told ABC40 News that it was a unanimous decision with a vote of 11 to 0 with 2 councilors absent.

“Most people think it’s a means to try and keep the city clean and not unattractive,” explains Tillotson.

The Graffiti on Private Property Ordinance requires an owner to clean up markings on their building.

“There is a lot of graffiti around and it just brings down the property. It’s not an attractive thing and it’s gonna depreciate our property values and people don’t like it,” said City Councilor Donald Demers.

Councilor Demers helped co-sponsor the ordinance after he got a complaint from a resident about a building that’s had graffiti on it for years. The Law Department determined there is no legal way for the city to force a property owner to clean up graffiti that’s why they drafted the ordinance, according to Demers.

“It will be a notification like a warning type thing and I believe after seven days there will be a fine and each day after will be treated as a separate offense,” said Demers.

An offense costing $25.

“I think most of them will act, money motivates,” said City Councilor James Tillotson.

The Building Department and Health Department will be enforcing the rule.


  • Mick

    The City does nothing about the vandals. If one is caught the judge lets him go because he lacks an opportunity to go to art school. So the politicians work…and work…and work until they find a solution: charge the evil business man to remove the “art work”. The poor “student” can then come back to a clean canvas at no cost to the city and no one has to feel guilty about punishing the “disadvantaged”. Brilliant!