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Hooray for Hollywood in Holyoke

HOLYOKE, Mass (WGGB) — If you were out in Holyoke earlier this evening, you may have spotted a few stars walking the red carpet.

It’s all part of a “Hooray for Hollywood” event at Holyoke Heritage State Park.

The night featured plenty of high-profile stars –both past and present. But ultimately, the event is all about one local icon.

“It’s a fundraiser for our 83-year-old merry-go-round, which we operate year-round and is fondly remembered for having been at Mountain Park, where so many memories have been created,” says Maureen Costello, director of the merry-go-round. “But we’re creating new memories here at Holyoke Heritage State Park, and next year we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary here.”

Among the many famous faces, you may find Joan Rivers looks a little too  familiar. ABC40 alum Kathy Tobin assumed River’s role as queen of the red carpet.