High Court Looks at Race in College Admissions

By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is putting the divisive issue of affirmative action on its agenda in the middle of a presidential election year.

The high court ruled nine years ago that colleges and universities can use race in their quest for diverse student bodies.

But with an ascendant conservative majority, the court is returning to the issue. In arguments Wednesday, justices will weigh whether to limit or even rule out taking race into account in college admissions.

The justices will be looking at the University of Texas program that is used to help fill the last quarter or so of its incoming freshman classes. Race is one of many factors considered by admissions officers.

  • weasel

    Ok Justice Roberts this must also be a racist tax. You want to talk about division in this Country. Gone are the days of the Great Melting Pot.