State Law Wipes Out Breed Specific Laws

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Boston Mayor Tom Menino wants to reinstate a city law requiring Pit Bulls to be muzzled in public.
The move comes after two Pit Bull escaped from a home in Boston over the weekend.  The Boston Herald quoted the mayor as calling Pit Bulls “vicious.”
“So many of the statements show under education on this particular topic and we are left with desperation that he’d listen to the experts and the real facts,” said Pam Peebles, Dir. TJ O’Connor Adoption Center.
Peebles says an owner is responsible for a dog’s actions.
“This is not a Pit Bull issue.  It’s a dog issue truly a human issue.  That no matter what breed dog you get especially as you get into the larger sizes over fifty pounds nearing a hundred pounds, those dogs need managing,” said Peebles.
A new state law banning breed specific ordinances takes effect on Nov.1st.  Instead, it sets up for non-breed specific laws much like the City of Springfield already has in place.
“Springfield says any dog of any breed that makes a bad decision certainly as a result of the owner hurts somebody can’t get away from that,” said Peebles.
Ten communities have Pit Bull laws in place.  Two separate communities outright ban the breed.  All laws become null when the state law takes effect next month.

  • Mick

    …killing machines.

    Grey Hounds run, Australian Shepards herd, Beagles hunt, Pit Bulls…? There are breed specific traits, some stonger, some some weaker, but they are there, lurking just below the surface, waiting to be expressed.