Dem. Warren Apologizes for Behavior of Supporters

BOSTON (AP) — Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager is apologizing for “inappropriate comments” made to a campaign aide of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown outside Springfield Symphony Hall before the Senate debate on Wednesday.

In an e-mail to Brown’s youth coordinator Ross Hemminger, Mindy Myers said she was writing on behalf of Warren to their express their “deepest apologies.”

Myers said Warren “completely denounces this kind of behavior, and we are very sorry it occurred.”

The e-mail was posted on the blog of Lisa De Pasquale, a board member of GOProud, a gay conservative group that has endorsed Brown.

According to De Pasquale, Warren supporters started chanting “you sound gay” and made anti-gay remarks after Hemminger used a megaphone to change “Go, Scott, go.”

A Brown aide called the behavior “appalling” and said the campaign was glad Warren apologized.

  • Mick

    Not a very good report. Why bother publishing it if it does not make sense. Doesn’t anyone proofread?

  • jahlove

    As I recall, the Brown supporters were behaving badly. They were loudly hissing, booing, and shouting during the debate. Why is that the only party that can publicly apologize, publicly acknowledge that they or their supporters did something they should not have done is the democrats? Brown is so negative and somehow, to some people, that translates into him “better”. Better at what? Being a bully? Please.