Workers Find Skull in Holyoke Canal

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WGGB) – The yearly closing down of Holyoke’s canals led to an unusual find Monday morning.

Holyoke Police Capt. Arthur Monfette says that around 10 Monday morning, a construction worker working on a bridge near Main Street and South Canal Street looked down into one of the canals and saw what they thought to be a skull.

Officers responded and took the skull out of the canal. A member of the Medical Examiner’s office also went down to the scene, examined the item, and believes that it was a human skull.

Monfette adds that the skull appears to have been in the canal for some time and was heavily decomposed.

The skull is now in Boston where a state anthropologist will conduct further testing.

The canals are closed yearly so that crews can see what may be at the bottom of the waterways and to conduct maintenance work.