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Community Shows Support for Furnari Jewelers

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB)– Even while Anthony Furnari was being attacked, he was still worried about the safety of others. “I got up and wanted to know where Cindy was, the girl that works with me, and once I saw she was fine, I said man, I was the luckiest guy in the world.”

Two men robbed Furnari Jewlers on Memorial Drive in Chicopee on Monday afternoon.

Cynthia Schacter was also working when it happened. “I could hear them beating him up, it was horrible and then after they did everything, I just asked if Tony was ok because that was the scariest point,” she said.

The theives made off with several gold chains. Anthony suffered a broken nose, broken ribs, cuts on his eye and hand, and a concussion. However, his spirits were lifted when he saw the community’s reaction. “Awesome! Everybody’s been coming to my aid, asking if I need help. If you want to see the spirit of people, just come here today. Blow your mind how nice people are. You know what I mean? These two morons, they were just morons, you know? Looking for something for nothing. Maybe they’ll think next time before they try that.”

One suspect checked into Baystate Medical Center where he was arrested. The other two are still on the loose.

  • Mick

    What a great guy. Too bad he didn’t blow’em away. Would have saved the City and County a lot of money to coddle the losers.

  • paulb62

    Don’t mess with Italians. He is a nice guy who if you wrong will get you back. I bet these two guys were surprised when he fought back. Had to be junkies. They rob the guy, one gets shot and shows up in the hospital. What was he thinking, he wasn’t going to get caught. If he doesn’t give up the other two, he will take the rap for the whole thing. Stupid jerks.
    Glad Tony is OK. A little banged up but alive!!!!

  • xyphoman

    Glad your not in serious harm. Kudos to giving one of the punks what he deserved. Now to bring the other two morons to justice.