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The Worst Passwords of 2012

(CNN) — Is your password for everything “password?” If so, it’s time to get a new one. New data on the most common internet passwords is out and it shows who is the most at risk for a security breach.

The list of the most hacked passwords is out.

You may end up changing your password after hearing this.

The annual list – called “Worst Passwords of 2012″ – was compiled from information posted online by hackers.

The top three should come as no surprise:

  • “password”
  • “123456″
  • “12345678″

These three all secured the same spots on last year’s list, according to software security developer Splash-Data

Others lacked just as much creativity, such as “abc123″ and “letmein”.

But there were some odd ones — like “monkey” and “baseball” and “welcome” made the list for the first time.

Splash-Data says hacking tools are more sophisticated than ever, but hackers will still seek out the easiest targets — like weak passwords.

This year, some high profile sites like Linkedin and eHarmony were hacked.

To keep your password safe:

  • Create passwords of eight or more mixed characters.
  • Avoid using the same password for multiple websites.

And if you can’t remember all those passwords — there’s an app for that! Download one to help organize your passwords.