Party Warehouse Closing in West Springfield

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — The weather hasn’t been too kind to Halloween stores these past two years, and now one local business is forced to close its doors.

The Party Warehouse in West Springfield is shutting down.

After the October snowstorm last year and Superstorm Sandy this year, they just can’t stay afloat.

Owners say they’re also having a tough time competing with mega-stores and the internet.

“The internet has been really hard to keep up with,” says Caren Joy, general manager of the Party Warehouse.

Joy adds, “The owner of the company just decided that the best thing to do would be to close the doors, because we just didn’t feel we could make up the business that we’ve lost.”

The store is closing its doors after 22 years of business. Employees say they’re not getting any severance pay.

  • AndyA

    Since it is such a big store why don’t they divide it into many smaller stores under the same name like Mc Donald’s or BK. and spead them around the area one in springfield, one in Holyoke, one in Chicopee.