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Salvation Army Starts Collections, What to Look For

Springfield, Mass. (WGGB) — As the holiday season approaches, you’ll see more and more Salvation Army bell ringers outside some area shopping spots.

They’ve started collecting for the holidays.

But they warn there are imposters.

Sometimes kettles are stolen and in that case, they do their best to track them down.

The Salvation Army says there are a few ways to know for sure if the person you’re donating to is really associated with them.

“It will very clearly say the ‘Salvation Army’ on the side.  It will be very easy to identify us.  There will be an apron or some badge on the person, as well as the sign will clearly state that it’s the Salvation Army,” explains John Ferreira, a Salvation Army representative.

While the organization increased their presence as we get further into the holiday season, they say to look out for people collecting on Sundays.

That’s something the Salvation Army doesn’t do.