New Safety Measures Implemented after Northampton Pedestrian Death

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) – Nearly a month after a Greenfield doctor was hit and killed by a car on a Northampton street, the mayor has announced that new safety measures are going to be put in place.

Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz said Thursday that a rapidly flashing pedestrian beacon, similar to one installed on Conz Street, will be installed on New South Street, in a crosswalk located near Pulaski Park.

The beacon, which will be paid for with state money, will alert drivers of pedestrians in the roadway through both automatic and manual activation.

Narkewicz notes that the installation of the beacon, along with other are in an effort to increase the visibility and safety in the area where 35-year-old Dr. Pallav Parakh was hit and killed by a car on October 31.

The driver of that truck, 25-year-old Derek Graves of Chesterfield, is facing charges of motor vehicle by negligent operation related to that crash.

The mayor has also authorized the Department of Public Works to install temporary orange barrels just before the crosswalk on the northbound side of New South Street, to help prevent cars from passing to the right of the crosswalk.

  • Bmo125

    People in noho think oh its the law you have to stop but in reality you can’t just walk out infront of a car and expect us to stop as soon as we see you. Its not the drivers fault.